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TOPIC: Builder Site Not Working?

Builder Site Not Working? 7 months 15 hours ago #70289

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Title pretty much

First came on here round the first quarter of the year, but ASP was still getting things together/established. But then of course since Rogue One came out everything went Star Wars mode again, so here I am looking to design my first saber hopefully before VIII comes around

Heres the issue, the builder site says that my browser is not compatible??? Huh??? Im using Google Chrome and never had this issue before. Its listed that Chrome is compatible, and mine is completely up to date, so IDK what the issue is.

Anyone else having this problem? Or is there something Im missing from the time I have been absent? (a new site Im unaware of?)
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Builder Site Not Working? 7 months 14 hours ago #70290

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Guess it's your browser. I'm using MS Edge and virtual builder works fine.
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Builder Site Not Working? 7 months 7 hours ago #70299

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I've been using Chrome and it works fine for me. Do you have any extensions installed that may be messing with it?
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