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TOPIC: Do I need a new switch?

Do I need a new switch? 1 year 3 months ago #70403

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I bought one of the Kickstarter ASPs with the no recharge port. I'm considering swapping out my original electronics kit with one of the new ones that include the recharge port. I already have a non-lit momentary switch, do I need to buy a lit one or is that optional?

I'm reasonable sure it's optional but want to confirm before purchasing.
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Do I need a new switch? 1 year 3 months ago #70433

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I've got a non-lit Silver momentary on my V2 Champion PnP setup. Only thing to be cautious of, if you plan on using an existing, is the connector on the switch and if it's compatible with the V2 setup. IDK if they're all wired the same...but my switch = micro deans connector and rcp = molex.
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