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TOPIC: Force & Destiny Character Designs

Force & Destiny Character Designs 4 months 3 weeks ago #82780

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So after wrapping up the drawing for Jack's player, I went ahead and started doodling some of the other player characters.

For reference, game's current timeline falls within the gap between Episodes 4 and 5.

P'Han Da

Current Equipment: [Mechanic's Utility Suit, Custom Toolkit, Modified Multi-Goo Gun]

A Drall who left the homeworld to get his hands dirty and put into practice what others were content to simply theorize. Pan made a living working maintenance at a shipyard on Corellia, and would've been fine to continue in that trade, if it weren't for the fact that Jack Walker ship-jacked the freighter Pan was working on. Caught by the pilot, and partially blamed for the theft, Pan's forced to work as Mechanic for the Decade Dodo, though usually keeps himself locked away in Engineering rather than deal with the crew's antics.

Always tinkering with something, Pan's the group's engineering wizard. His aim's a little off, and he barely has the strength to pick up anything worth calling a weapon, but you at least can count on him to keep the security droids distracted.


Current Equipment: [Mk 45 Protective Vest, HL-27 Blaster Pistol]

Once one of the few non-human agents employed by the Empire, Caylx was often tasked with gathering intel in areas where an Imperial presence was most unwelcome. She was content to follow orders for the good of the Empire until a chance encounter with a Jedi Holocron revealed to her the horrors committed to bring about Palpatine's rise to power as well as hints of things yet to be. The artifact was confiscated, and she barely escape being locked away herself.

Keeping to herself since the incident, Caylx bumps into the crew after responding to a distress call from a mutual friend. Currently serves as ship Gunner.


Current Equipment: [Padded Armor, Ancient Sword, Training Lightsaber]
Zebaki would've been a sight to see at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Most couldn't remember the last time a Chiss had been inducted into the Jedi Order. Some wondered if it had ever actually happened before. What challenges would come up in his training? What new insights might he possess?

Those questions would largely go unanswered. Thanks to the issuance of Order 66, the ship carrying the Chiss youngling never arrived at Coruscant. Vuz won't tell anyone how he survived the attack. He won't talk about the Chiss homeworld. He won't even use his core name.

He'll talk your ear off about the Jedi Knights of old, though. Or at least his interpretation of them. Something always seems a little off about his stories, but no one else onboard the Dodo knows enough about Jedi to argue.
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