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TOPIC: ASP-"Story of a Daisho"

ASP-"Story of a Daisho" 4 months 2 weeks ago #66338

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So my hot august knight sale asp parts came in. Along with it I got all promotions and it seems they took my request of wrapping spear extension with a leather color I purchased so thanks saberforge for that. However there is also a bad news well considering size of order and promotions I am amazed there is no more issues actually. One of switches acting up. By acting up i mean as soon as I plug it it turns on saber light and sound does not response to pressing on button than closes saber as if button is hold after a while it enters menu selects first options and after that it turns off lights and sound again after a while all this time no response to button. When I remove and replace battery it does menu first but still not responding pressing to button. I contacted customer service and waiting for response for this. In the meantime here are pictures of what I got.

Three different size katana's I will tell story another time but here are all three of them together first.

From front view as people can realize allt hree have different finishes and tsuba's All related to story.

My hot august knight bonus saber is a weathered disciple with crimson soundboard red led (not sure what red) lit AV switch silver sk bird lazerforge kill key blak stingray leather wrap(I was wondering how it looks in person so double bonus)

When they are lit with blades. Long hilt has lime green, medium one is indigo and short one is blood orange.

Lit with blades from behind

I will get a picture of each hilt andblade seperately later right now I need to leave house but wanted yo post this before I go.
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ASP-"Story of a Daisho" 4 months 2 weeks ago #66351

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B) Sweet bit of kit there,,,,ukyavuz
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ASP-"Story of a Daisho" 4 months 1 week ago #66379

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=Ottomatix= wrote:
B) Sweet bit of kit there,,,,ukyavuz

Thanks ottomatix.

Here are some individual pictures of hilts altogether.

This hilt is made by an imperial inquisitor trainee by using materials that were left by other trainee's that failed their initiation process.

He used a blood orange synthetic crystal for this hilt he was only 7 when he made this hilt and was already considered a prodigy

Since he was olny 7 year old he used a really short blade for his saber and his hilt was also short

about a deace later when he was around 17-18 his hilt got a blaster hit and stop functioning he manage to survive and it was time to make a new hilt since old was too short for his now developed build so he made his second hilt still with empire tsuka but this time with a round cog. He used an indigo crystal he found during his hunt for force-sensitive he also repaired his first hilt and started to use a dual wield style.

His second hilt was still rather short blade but was longer than his previous one. He was comfortable with the size since he got used to use a short blade.

For one reason or ather at age 26 he is labeled as a traitor and forced to escape this was a time when people were gathering against empire after a couple of years of escaping from empire he found a new home among rebels and made his last saber with a crystal he found in a cave.

This saber is both one and two handed use and it has a normal size of blade. he usually uses this one with his second saber while he controls his shortest one with force. It is somewhat unique force telekinesis he got with his first saber due to size of saber is low and it was like his third hand by now.

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