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TOPIC: The Twins

The Twins 1 year 5 months ago #67083

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First a short background... I am a Gemini. I learned at a very young age how to "take a different perspective" so to speak, mostly because it's just how my mind has always worked. Apparently, it's in the stars ;)
I've been a Star Wars fan longer than I can remember, and because of it I've also always wanted to learn to sword fight. Not with swords, mind you. So now that the opportunity has finally presented itself, how could I refuse. Especially considering I've always wanted a saber of my own, not necessarily something I'd seen in a movie. ASP gets a kickstarter, I'm like

I spent more than a few hours going through the builder, letting the force guide me to the parts I wanted. But in the back of my mind I was always curious, "how will it FEEL?" and with as much research as I did on sabers it was clear that the feel played a big role choosing a saber. So here is the first saber I built

Unfortunately that's the only pic I can seem to find of it, but it is a wonderful hilt.
Emitter: Fury Switch: ASP 09 Body: Avenger Pommel: Exile All Dual Tone Blade Plug: ASP 06 Silver
But as I held it, I could FEEL it telling me that I was close, but not quite there. A little quote I came up with when I was young and to this day I love to say is "I am the Twins". And this saber new it. I've always envisioned my Jedi self as a Gray dual wielder. Walking the path between light and dark, because after all, to defeat your enemy, you must understand them. Upon holding it for the first time, it told me I had created a conglomeration of what should have been my two individual sabers.

Now having held a custom saber (or any metal saber for that matter) I had a better idea what I was in for. Plus having shopsaberparts finally open up with actual photos was really helpful. My brothers birthday was only a couple of weeks away, so I decided that first one was for him (so that I have someone to learn to duel with) and I went back to the drawing board. I wanted to build one saber to represent the light side of my personality, and another to represent the dark. So without further ado..

Now first I want to mention that I am not Hispanic but being born and raised in SoCal, the latino culture has been a very prevalent part of my life. With that, on top we have "Misericordia" (me-ser-ee-COR-dya) which loosely translates to "Mercy". And on the bottom is "Maldad" which basically just means evil.

Misericordia - Emitter: ASP 10 Switch: ASP 08 Body: ASP 06 Pommel: Exile All dual tone Blade Plug: Rebel Silver Sabercore Viridium with Deep Blue LED from what is now my brothers saber (he can buy his own damn sound/light) :P

I plan to add a recharge port once I have some time (hence the open hole). I had to RMA the sound board because it wasn't working and when I got everything back I just wanted to light her up and take pictures to finally share with you guys.

I decided to drill and tap an extra blade retention screw (furthest to the right). With the LED in place, the initial retention screw had little more than 1/8 inch (~3mm... trying to teach myself to use the metric system) of blade behind it, so you could feel it wobble a bit while swinging it.

Overall: An amazing saber. The body itself is two separate pieces held together only by the Covertec screw. I decided to glue them together for stability. The choke point just under the emitter is a wonderful spinning location and the shroud around the switches does exactly what I had hoped to rectify from the first saber, allow me to locate the switch without visually looking for it. I kept the same pommel I chose originally because I assumed the extra ports would make it louder but it seems that Maldad is louder. It may just be the SparkColor2 but I may experiment with others simply for visuals.
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The Twins 1 year 5 months ago #67084

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Maldad - Emitter: Fury Switch: Juggernaut Body: Venom Pommel: Dissident Blade Plug: ASP 01 All Weathered SparkColor2 with DIY custom Pr/Pr/G/rB for that nice Red for the evil feel, but also I wanted a color mixer. I don't have any kids of my own yet, but I see plenty at the restaurant I work at, and it sure is cool to show them whatever color saber the want to see. Especially the girls. That setup there makes a really AWESOME pink. I'm really not even a fan of pink, but it is awesome.

I had initially drilled out the original (plastic) pommel insert for the charge port. With a kill key installed, it stuck out just past the bottom of the saber. Well I promptly dropped it hard enough on its end to smash that plastic insert to pieces. Luckily, that restaurant I mentioned just so happens to be next door to a hardware store (I live in a small town in the San Bernardino Mountains) where I picked up a couple of these

I cut the center out with wire cutters, then trimmed around (with the same wire cutters) the edge to fit inside the pommel. Drilled the center hole to fit the charge port and secured the insert inside the pommel with liquid electrical tape (super glue wasn't cutting it). It functions fantastically, but seeing as how this amazing hobby has recently encouraged me to take up machining (yes, because I want to make amazing sabers), I'm sure I'll eventually get to something more decorative.

I removed the outer shroud that comes with the Juggernaut switch because A) it was the ONLY part of the whole saber to have that bluish anodizing, and B) with the weathering on it, you couldn't really even tell it was on there in the first place. Plus, I think it feels much better to grip this way. If you look closely, you can also see that I took the dremmel to the corners of the box because they were very sharp and irritating while spinning.

I also picked up (from the hardware store mentioned earlier) an O ring just big enough to fit the blade plug snugly and if I tighten in with the retention screw while pushing down, it makes a wonderful light seal around the edge of the plug. Keeping all that power well contained ;)

Overall: Another amazing saber. Given that I chose the Fury emitter and the Venom body, it didn't take me long to realize how much it resembles SF"s Venomous Fury, but I'm still extremely happy. Maldad visually seems much shorter (than the VF) which is good as it's intended to be a one hander. I haven't had the chance to weigh either of my sabers yet, but Maldad feels significantly heavier, which I like and having shaved the switch box corners really makes spinning nice, not to mention the offering same bonus as Misericordia that I can find the switch without looking.

You may (or may not) notice that both sabers seem rather abused. They have been. I LOVE to play with them, and you show me a Jedi whose lightsaber is in perfect condition. I'm giving them that "used" look, only not artificially HA! But seriously, I may eventually do some artificially weathering. I REALLY like what Jas-Ot has done with his Revan. That thing looks incredible. But for now, I'll just keep spinning them around and giggling when then come loose. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
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The Twins 1 year 5 months ago #67086

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Very nice! I like your own touch to it too.
"I am the Senate"
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