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TOPIC: ASP "Jedi's End"

ASP "Jedi's End" 9 months 3 days ago #74708

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Hi All,

Just wanted to show some pics of my most recent build (only my second so far). I attempted to make as close to a replica Darth Malgus as I could. Thanks to Saber Forge for making this a possibility, this was the saber that I've always wanted to have.

Electronic Internals:
Spark 2
Tri-Cree DR/DR/R.
Goth 3d chassis 1.11od
28mm bass speaker

So here's the first picture showing the ASP parts after receiving them from SF.
Emitter: Juggernaut-standard finish
Switch Section: Reliant-silver
Body: Dissident-black, no wrap
Pommel: Juggernaut-silver

I made the following cosmetic improvements: I used Rustoleum Universal to spray paint the blade edges Titanium Silver. The middle emitter section, switch box/ring, and middle of the pommel Satin Black. I also sanded down parts of the pommel to get a slight mirror effect. Painted the switch box Gold. Also added a red non-functioning button to the emitter. And finally four silver painted greeblies on the pommel. Also used timing shims to get the switch box in line with the blade edges.

All lit up and ready to annihilate some Jedi:

Overall pretty happy with the results. It's definitely a large saber. Best griped with hand just under blade edge on the switch section. I'm still thinking about how I could improve the body to give it the segmented look that Malgus' saber has, but not sure what to do just yet. I love the Deep Red, it's perfect. There is a slight improvement in brightness with both DR and R going full blast but it's not really that dramatic. There's actually a good difference between DR and R, so much so that having R as a FOC is pretty nice with main blade DR. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking.
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ASP "Jedi's End" 9 months 3 days ago #74709

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That's a Jedi killer alright!

Nice job!
Imagine what you will know tomorrow....
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