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TOPIC: Feedback for Jas-Ot

Feedback for Jas-Ot 3 months 3 weeks ago #72945

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Reaalllly late again with this Post.
Concluded a transaction with Jas recently that required conversion of a hilt and some additional cosmetic changes and went for an install upgrade too. Not much else I could ask for from start to finish as he delivered on the brief and was attentive to my requests. More than just a purchase transaction, rather like exchanging ideas with friends. That transaction concluded and the friendship continues as more ideas are bounced upon, moving forward with achieving them. Installs, repairs, cosmetic changes to hilts or just unsure about some wiring stuff (it's all beyond my comprehension) give Jas a holler. ;)
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Feedback for Jas-Ot 3 months 3 weeks ago #72948

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I usually don't post feedback until a transaction is complete, but... I've been in talks with Jas-Ot as well and I can say much the same. Great to bounce ideas around with.

I have one saber being commissioned right now (one sick Bastion with Pico Light), I'm sending a hilt to him today for repair, and I have two more that we've been bouncing around in the "idea box" for once funds have been appropriated from Rebel scum.
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Feedback for Jas-Ot 3 months 3 weeks ago #72955

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Thanks for the kind words.

I don't do this to make money, it's not a business to me. Profit from any repairs or builds goes directly into funding this hobby for myself. And to that end its not about generating a high volume, its more about establishing relationships with the folks in the community and if I can provide a service that's great.

Both OvrcAHst and KelbornX have been great to work with as well. Virtually daily conversations around current works in progress, or ideas for future ventures.

There's some great people in this community, and I know I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without their help, guidance and support.
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