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TOPIC: 12W Champion Disciple Blood Orange

12W Champion Disciple Blood Orange 1 year 10 months ago #15496

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So I've finally received my first ever saber from Saberforge, or from anywhere for that matter, and all I can say is DAYUM its sweet.

Got myself a 12W champion disciple with blood orange LED, veridian soundboard, standard finish with the black leather wrap from www.saberforge.com and it took roughly 15-16 weeks to arrive here in Singapore. Can't explain how I managed to live through the suspense haha. But anyways down to the review...

There's only 1 word to describe the saber, AWESOMELY STURDY. The body is super solid, feels like it can withstand a beating and not to mention the blade as well. i've punished my chair repeatedly and it has yet to leave a crack or dent. Good job SF! The body of the disciple is really sleek, one of the main reasons why I chose this hilt in the first place. I liked the clean and simple look with minimalistic design elements to it and the disciple fits the bill perfectly. The simple grooves and cut-outs on the saber as well as the solid black weathering in the grooves and the slim neck really makes this the saber of choice for those who wants to go light but yet not TOO light (if that even makes sense). The very well-secured leather wrap provides a very nice contrast to the otherwise would've been bland look of the standard finish if it hadn't been there.

Ergonomics-wise, its pretty comfortable. The AV switch lies flush with the body with no activation box of sorts, and the proportion of the slim neck is just right such that i can easily rest my off-hand on the emitter without feeling discomfort. The size of the slim neck isn't too great such that my fingers will get jammed in them while wielding the saber and the grooves on the saber do not provide any discomfort at all. I have small hands and the saber is slightly longer than expected, but meh this is subjective and I like it nonetheless. The thickness of the saber is just about right as well, doesn't feel cumbersome spinning it around and not too thin that I'm afraid of breaking it into half just by giving it a twirl.

The blood orange wasn't as "bloody" as I expected but heck the colour grew on me anyways. Its more akin to the skin of a ripe orange and the light intensity of it isn't as bright as I thought either. I'm not sure whether this is due to the colour spectrum or its just that amber/red LEDs aren't naturally as bright as lets say green or light blue ones. Nonetheless it fills up the entire blade evenly without issue, on camera it lights up very nicely with a bright glow and a nice flare which I personally like, however in real life there will be no such flare at the base, maybe a little one but not as extravagant as you see on screen.

The only downside I found about the disciple is its sharp edges. Especially on the emitter. Although i didn't get cut from the emitter, I did get cut from the pommel though. The shroud that covers the pommel is really thin, and if given the right angel, can easily cut someone much like a paper cut. I would suggest sanding/filing it down a little especially if you're planning on giving this saber to children.

Customer Service
It took approximately 15-16 weeks to arrive in Singapore. Which is kinda longer than I expected as the lead time stated was 8-10 weeks, but after checking the forums and emailing SF, I realised that the smiths there were working on something else at the moment which explains the delay. Perhaps they could notify the customer with an email? But anyhow, the customer service was great and friendly, I was addressed by Shameem. Thanks mate!

Suggestions & Recommendations
Perhaps the electronic components that goes into the saber could be upgraded in order to keep up with the current market trend?
All in all, good job to Saberforge for making my first-time saber purchase experience a good one thus far. I would recommend the Disciple to those who prefer the "less is more" simple minimalistic look, and for the first-time saber enthusiast who don't wanna burn too deep a hole in their pocket on their first purchase.

- sleek design
- clean and minimalist aesthetics
- quality feel and weight
- leather wrap feels fantastic
- order is correct with no mistakes

- sharp tip and shroud
- LED isnt as bright as expected

Overall i would give this saber a 9/10 :)
The build quality of the saber kinda feels like it came from Apple itself :D .
This is just a brief overview of my Disciple, for a more detailed look, please checkout my video along with some close-ups below!

wah mia si nin lao pei!

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12W Champion Disciple 1 year 10 months ago #15499

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Thanks for your Nice review
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