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TOPIC: Epoch DT Champion Edition 12W+ Indigo LED

Epoch DT Champion Edition 12W+ Indigo LED 2 years 2 months ago #40074

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Well The wait has come to an end. It has finally arrived. This is the reorder after my original was lost/stolen.
The original order started on Oct. 28 and went into Que Dec 4. It was confirmed lost/stolen was confirmed lost/stolen on Jan. 21. I reordered the same with the change of the LED. I changed from purple to Indigo. I was offered when the CSR cancelled my order and issued a refund that I would be offered 25% off my next saber order, A T shirt, carrying case, and a belt. The refund came the very next day and I discussed the options to my girlfriend as this was suppose to be her Christmas present. I decided to reorder again. I ordered on Jan. 26. On Feb. 3 I got my tracking number for the reorder and an email stating that they refunded the 25% discount. I was like wow that was quick.

I wasn't expecting the tracking number for another month. So last Thursday I just for shits and giggles I check the tracking number and I'm like WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Its on its way. Delivery date on Friday 5th. So I fibbed to my girlfriend that SF emailed me saying that the saber won't arrive until April. So I can still surprise her. So Friday morning I'm home and she went to work and I waited for that knock on the door. A little before noon the knock came. I rushed to the door and I see a small package like a bubble rap package that I had to sign for. It is from SF well maybe its some of the things they offered to me for the reorder I open it up and its a light bow whip blade. Okay I'm confused. Why did they send me this? I never ordered this lol. So I email CSR and notified of the situation with that and I am waiting for a reply back sometime next week. Ok I noticed that the tracking number on the package that came in wan't the one I was following. So my saber is still in the mail somewhere. So around 11 lastnight I get the notification it arrived at my local post office. Now I know it is coming in tomorrow. So this morning i wait again for the knock No knock I go to the mail box to check and see if the mail has ran and it has. I'm like "NOT AGAIN". I go back to the house check the tracking number and it says out for delivery. So I called the post office and explained the situation and that the driver forgot about the package in the truck. He will bring it to me soon. So I go outside and wait and he delivered it. We talked for a few minutes and turn to find out he just ordered his first saber through SF. So now I have someone local to discuss sabers with. Its funny how things play out.

Ok Opening time I planned to video the box opening and first impressions and I did which I will link the video to This thread as soon as I upload it. However I didn't get everything I was offered When I reordered. I did get the T-shirt and the belt. What I didn't get is the carrying case and the saber stand. I also email SF on that as well.

My first impressions Well lets just say I don't want to give it to my girlfriend. But I am anyways. Any how this is long enough if you guys have any questions or comments please leave them down below

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