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    • Kylo Ren - NeoPixel Cross... (28 Posts)
    • Was asked for some low-light ignition demos after psoting the ComicCon vid, so here's a sample of...
    • Tell Us What You Got! (224 Posts)
    • Going through all these pics as got me reaching for my wallet! I'm ordering one next paycheck, its...
    • What your saber says abou... (11 Posts)
    • OK, I'm in. Shai, your hilt design at first made me think Sith, but with your choice of blade color,...
    • What your saber says abou... (11 Posts)
    • Because I very much enjoy this game, I am going to go ahead and judge all of the sabers in this...
    • Tell Us What You Got! (224 Posts)
    • Quote: Just got my shipping notification! Hopefully yours wont be far off too. It took about 2 weeks to get...

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