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TOPIC: Out of the Grey

Out of the Grey 1 month 2 weeks ago #85954

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Hello fellow Star Wars fans!
I've always loved writing stories but have never gotten to write a Star Wars one. But here it is: Out of the Grey!

Part I:
Lyra sat upon her Varactyle and gazed over the plains of her home planet, an uncharted world far away from what others would call „civilization“.
But to her, those, the people and races from planets she had never seen, were barbarians. She didn’t know the name of her own planet, even, everyone just called it the „Shrine“.

She didn’t even hear her companions gallop past her and down the steep slope of the hill, into the plains filled with grasses and bushes in all shades of red, orange and yellow. Herbivores roamed the rolling hills and slopes, nearly unbothered by predatory animals.

Except for Lyra and her companions. Their Varactyls stampeded down to the plain, the hunters on their backs readying their „primitive“ weaponry: bows and spears, some bolas and even rarer swords.

Lyras thoughts rambled on about their seemingly primitive weaponry. It’s not that they didn’t own blasters and other more-or-less state of the art weapons. It was their traditions and code that those weren’t used against the non-suspecting animals they preyed on.

As she blitzed past the first creature, a creature that looked somewhat like a mixture of what the archives called a Bantha and the lizard-men called Gungans, her reflexes blocked out every active thought and her arm pushed forth. The creature tried to rise to it’s hind legs, but the sudden loss of ist heartbeat rendered this attempt of defense futile and it collapsed to the ground.
Lyra brought her Varactyle to a stop and sled off ist back, pulling the razor-shard vibro-knife from her belt. She started preparing the animal for transport on her mount, her first own prey, while the others chased the animals they had chosen to hunt.

Not long after, the hunting party had re-grouped. Almost all of them, except the youngest of them, had been successful and had their prey bound to the back of their mounts.
The commander gave a short order and slowly , the group started their way back to their home.

To be continued....
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