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TOPIC: Champion Standard Finish Fury

Champion Standard Finish Fury 1 year 3 months ago #66231

  • Savannah95
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Okay, a review as promised!

I received a Champion Fury, Standard Finish with Viridian sound and a 12W+ Indigo LED. The shipping was quick as it began moving, as with last time. It worked out that it came a day early as the weather is awful right now with the tropical storm.

The first thing I couldn’t get over when I opened the lovely bubble wrap was the finish. I have a weathered SF saber, but I always wanted a saber with a good polished finish too. I thought the Fury looked AMAZING in that finish so I went with it! I am known for over-analyzing basically everything, but even as I looked over the hilt in the most minute of detail, I couldn’t find the slightest scratch or imperfection which surprised me. In fact, it’s in such fantastic condition that I feel bad for holding it in the first place! :lol:

I ordered this right before Etsy returned and ASP went live, so as far as timing I picked a bad time for a site order, but since this was a birthday present I stuck with it! I ended up getting the saber a little over a month early, but it’s better than being late for sure! I was concerned that because of this, the existing designs became ASP-based. The ASP Fury looked great and all but I was really going for the original. That didn’t matter when I saw it in person. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Having the switches on a defined switch section on this version is probably a good thing since my grip is basically on the body section, so they are not in the way. The emitter is just…. I love it. Looking at the two SF sabers I have, it’s no question that I’m a real fan of the forked emitter!

So with my last saber, I fell in love with the Arctic Blue LED and figured it’d always be my favorite blade color. When I saw this indigo LED in person for the first time, well…. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite anymore! It’s just surreal, and I love how the color becomes subtly more “blue-ish” as it extends to the blade tip, which really makes the illuminated saber even more unique. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s distinctly indigo and not just a dark, oddly shaded blue.

As usual the sound is loud and clear, and it’s always nice to have the settings menu to mess around with options! I almost went Crimson with this one, but I’m glad I went with another Viridian once I turned it on. It’s all personal preference anyway in the end.

I was also surprised by the hilt size. As I sat it next to my Sinister Prophecy, they don’t differ as much as I expected as far as length. Even with this observation, the Fury seems a little lighter and easier to maneuver as a one-handed hilt, but that’s what I was wanting to begin with. I got a 32” blade for the Fury and it’s a fantastic fit! It spins pretty well and it’s comfortable to wield in my opinion.

Overall, I feel like I'm even more happy with this saber than I was with the last one. I'm feeling pretty content right now with my SF saber duo. :)

-Sinister Prophecy V2 Arctic Blue
-Fury V1 Indigo
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Champion Standard Finish Fury 1 year 3 months ago #66234

  • DK44
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Great review Savannah! The Fury is one of my favorite Saberforge sabers...and indego looks fantastic! Congrats & Enjoy!

and Happy early Birthday!
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Champion Standard Finish Fury 1 year 3 months ago #66237

  • Brax
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Congrats on another fantastic saber! Great review, and I agree with everything you said about each of those colors. I have 7 of the available colors from SaberForge, and they are all nothing short of breathtaking, each in their own right. The way I see it, there is no bad choice when it comes to color anymore. Just what suites the personality of the saber, as you see it.
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Champion Standard Finish Fury 1 year 3 months ago #66246

  • Greysider
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Happy B-day Savannah! What better way to celebrate than with another beautiful saber? Love the indigo and the Fury is just classic SF. Congrats.
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Champion Standard Finish Fury 1 year 3 months ago #66375

  • OvrcAHst
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Congratulations Savannah95 with receiving your Sister Saber to your Sinister Prophecy. Good to know that the delivery (this time) wasn't plagued with too much misfortune, saving you the random retrace or forward movement insight of the Mailman just to retrieve the precious Cargo. With a love for forked emitters, is perhaps the next Wait Begins of yours a Disciple/Acolyte or possibly still, advancing fully for the split-pronged Juggernaut, the largest fork of them all? :lol:
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Champion Standard Finish Fury 1 year 3 months ago #66377

  • Unleashediv
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Happy Birthday and congratulations! I have held both in person and can say hand on heart awesome choice to pair the two! I think its awesome and I can't think of a better match.

Awesome colours as well! Enjoy, great review and thanks for the photos. :)
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Champion Standard Finish Fury 1 year 3 months ago #66598

  • HotRod
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Sorry I'm so late to the party. Great review, Savannah. Sounds like you ended up with 2 favorites. Thanks again for sharing your detailed thoughts here and congrats!

- RGBA+ Monarch, FW Epoch, Juggernaut, Exhalted
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