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TOPIC: Katana Hero Edition

Katana Hero Edition 2 years 2 months ago #13124

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Hiya guys,

She's finally in my hand. Actually the Toblerone package arrived at my doorstep on Monday, 08/06/2015. Couldn't help it. Just gotta charge and play around with her. :D

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you, Est.


Class: Warrior
Hilt Option: Katana with Grey Leather Grip
Finish: Weathered
Blade Colour: 6W Arctic Blue / 6W Purple
Tsuba: Round Phoenix
Blade Plug: Weathered
Covertech: Weathered

If you guys want the measurements of the hilt, You can refer to NeBossa Majik's Review.. Oh I copy the Specs format from him too. It's nice and simple. :D

What's there to say. I love it. The craftmanship is wonderful and the weather finishing is wonderful. The hilt feel solid and it feel nicely weighted. It's heavier compared to US Initiate and Makoto's saber.

The Tsuba have some sharp edges but it can be fix. Just need some sandpaper and an hour or two.

The pictures doesn't do the blade justice. It's brighter than in the picture. Not as bright as Makoto's sabers but bright enough.
Just to take note. Arctic blue + Purple = Pale Purple. Not very nice. I should have gone 6W Blue + 6W Red instead.

NeBossa Majik also mention that his hilt getting very hot and melted part of the blade. Has not happen to me yet but I will keep you guys updated. I have a saber class every Sunday and the Saber will be on for at least 1 hour. I'll report if the saber have any heating issue.
I might amend or add on to these review after I put the saber through it's pace but at the moment I'm happy with the saber.
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Katana Hero Edition 2 years 2 months ago #13131

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Looks awesome! It's a pity about the choice of colour, but either way, it's still a very nice looking Saber. Looking forward to you're future updates about the Saber and if it's overheating issues end up affecting you too.
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