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TOPIC: EU Adventure Part 3: I, Jedi

EU Adventure Part 3: I, Jedi 1 year 5 months ago #64269

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Someone said I should read the X-Wing series before reading this but it's too late now and I don't care to read the X-Wing series anyway. So I'll just read a plot summary somewhere.

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EU Adventure Part 3: I, Jedi 1 year 4 months ago #65819

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Just finished reading "I, Jedi." It was quite good. Certainly better than the entire Jedi Academy trilogy, and a much better description of the events that it overlaps with to boot. What Kevin Anderson failed to do Michael Stackpole delivered in spades: describing in great detail the intricacies of a Jedi learning the ways of the Force. It was exactly what I wanted that I didn't get from JA, and you can tell that Anderson really just probably didn't know how to explain it. So, well done, Stackpole. (This review is a bit long, I apologize, but I have a lot of thoughts!)

The thing is, while the whole book is well written, I enjoyed the entire first half of the book more than the last, which happens to be right when the events of the Exar Kun incident in Jedi Academy end. After that I really wasn't as invested in the story or the characters. It picked up here and there with Keiran's whole infiltration into the Invids, which was kind of interesting. By the time it got to the end it almost seemed like the story realized it was running out of time and suddenly hit the gas and sped along skipping and hopping over plot points that it would have otherwise dwelled more on if it happened earlier in the story. Seemed strange. It did slow down a bit again, though, at the final showdown. And the epilogue was a sufficient length.

All in all, again while I think the book was well written, the fact is that I.....I just don't like Corran Horn. Really at all. Which probably explains why I enjoyed the Jedi Academy portion better. He has ideals and characteristics that seem to clash with my own personality. I can't really explain it. But I don't like the guy. Maybe it's because he's Correlian? lol I like Han fine enough, though. Anyway, interestingly, this is probably heavily related to what I perceived as kind of a central theme to the story outside of the main plot. The whole good and evil thing. There are fans that look at Star Wars as being about good and evil and that's it and that's all it should be about. Simple and black and white. But there are other fans who enjoy the more subtler gray levels of morality and whether the Jedi or Sith were right or wrong in some way. I probably lean more toward the former camp. I think symbolically this really came to a head right in the middle before Kerian leaves the Academy where he has that big blowout argument with Luke about how he's teaching his students. That right there is like the two different points of view coming together and clashing. And yet at the end of the story Stackpole managed to turn the whole thing into a positive one about there being "different kinds of Jedi" and "weaving them together so that they can never be torn apart again," which I salute Stackpole for succeeding in doing that.

So, to sum up. Well written. I definitely like Stackpole's writing style, but I don't really jive with the themes he writes about. So I dislike Corran Horn/Keiran Halcyon. My favourite part of the story was getting to the guts and nitty gritty of the Jedi training at the Academy that was sorely missing from the JA trilogy where it should have been. It also made the whole Exar Kun events much more interesting. Great read. Probably not going to read the X-Wing book series if this is anything to go by, though. :)

Sorry this was long. I've also been listening to the audiobooks of the Hand of Thrawn Duology and have already started listening to the Darth Bane trilogy and I'm passed halfway through the first book already and really enjoying it. I also REALLY enjoyed the Thrawn Duology. I was really intrigued as to how Luke and Mara got together, and for the most part I was satisfied with how things turned out. I am sad that "Mitth'raw'nuruodo" didn't get any chance to survive at all (especially after that little moral dilema right before it happened which forces it to have been entirely pointless afterward). I also loved the foreshadowing that it alluded to that's obviously covered in later books that I'm really excited to get to. I am really looking forward to reading Survivor's Quest for some post-wedding Luke/Mara plot and also Outbound Flight at last. Scoundrels sounds interesting too. I may give Allegiance and Choices of One a go but I don't know. I'd rather get those first two done first before reading the new Thrawn book coming out in April. I wonder if I should read the Aftermath books before then as well? Suggestions?

At any rate, as long as they are unabridged, I'll be moreso listening to audiobooks from now on (and reading the physical books that don't have unabridged audio productions, at least the ones I really care about). I don't have as much time to read and listening to them on my phone while at work really helps to pass the time and kill the monotony of my work's busy season right now.
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