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TOPIC: Death Troopers

Death Troopers 1 year 8 months ago #64785

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Do you like Zombies? Did you ever find yourself thinking "What if there were zombies in the Star Wars universe"? Look no further than Death Troopers.

A little backdrop, it's set slightly before episode IV. The story itself is told from multiple perspectives, such as a couple of young brothers and an Imperial Medical Tech, to name a couple. Synopsis is that an imperial prison barge craps out in the middle of nowhere. As luck would have it, a seemingly abandoned Star Destroyer shows up on radar, and thus scavenging teams are sent out to salvage it. Take a wild guess what this team really finds on board?

Though the cover image does its job with showing how gory this book can be, for sake of the argument "never judge a book by it's cover", it does get bloody and gritty. Parts involving both are described in great detail. Not a big horror buff, but I felt the horror elements were well done, certain parts get a bit creepy. The zombies themselves are quite interesting, as they start out as your basic "brain eaters", and progressively become more advanced (think "firing a blaster rifle" advanced). Great setting, as an abandoned starship in the middle of space is the epitome of spooky.

Story itself is good, as good as combining these two fantasy properties can get. Characters are good, and you do care for them, but it seems there's little room for their development in this one. Won't spoil it with who, but there is a cameo from the movies.

Overall, a good, bloody love letter from the Star Wars universe to the undead, and one that doesn't use these ideas to completely sacrifice a good story. Gives you chills and sense of suspense. Wish I could of seen a little more development from the characters, but that cameo may just offset that. Give it a go!

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