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TOPIC: Luke Skywalker DL-44 Blaster

Luke Skywalker DL-44 Blaster 3 years 1 week ago #9431

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Presenting a new build blasting its way off my bench:

Luke Skywalker DL-44 Blaster Pistol

This build was heavily inspired by the blasters made by scottjua of the FX-Sabers and IRA forums. Many of his design cues and implentations were used here.


Denix Broomhamdle Replica used as base
Aluminum scope, scope bracket, and flash hider from Evolution Props
Resin casts of Revel V8 engine greeblies
Blaster Core v3
Custom made 10440 li-ion battery pack
2W bass speaker

This was definitely the most cram-fu I've ever had to pull off. It's a tight fit but it works!


Luke Skywalker DL-44 Blaster - YouTube

My thanks to scottjua for his help in this endeavor. This was without a doubt, a very fun build!

"Don't get the idea that your [lightsaber] is a quick little project to be slapped together." - Luke Skywalker
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Luke Skywalker DL-44 Blaster 2 years 8 months ago #16555

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Looks sharp, accurate to the movies. Great job guys!
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