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TOPIC: Few quick random questions

Few quick random questions 1 year 6 days ago #72397

  • PhoenixKid56
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I plan in getting a second saber and taking advantage of the great deal they have going on right now but im curious about some stuff. I seen some people posting about the belt clip system and having more then 1 saber on a clip? Is that possibl eor were they talking about multiple belt clips? Also I bought my furst saber without quick connects, is there a way to change out the LED module without it and or is it possible to install quick connects into it or would I need to send it into SF so they would do it for howmuch it would cost?
In the end, it doesnt really matter, does it?

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Few quick random questions 1 year 5 days ago #72405

  • SadiraOrphesu
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They would have been talking about wearing multiple clips unless they custom made or bought a multi-saber clip somewhere else. The ones Saberforge sells only fit one.

It can certainly be done, but you would need to rewire a new LED in or wire in some connectors.

As for your last question I'm not sure if they do that and if so how much it would be but if you email CS they'll be able to tell you that.
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Few quick random questions 1 year 5 days ago #72424

  • ElectricJesus
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I dont know about the belt clips, but you can add quick connects yourself. The conectors saberforge uses are deans micro connectors. I dont know how much it would cost to send it into saberforge to get them installed. You can find the connectors themselves at rc hobby shops or online for pretty cheap.

Personally, i've had problems with the quick connects. Not because they dont work, they do, and they work well for the most part, but if you change out the LED too often, eventually the wires will become stressed where they are soldered onto the quick connects and the strands might start breaking. That can cause the LED to start flickering, because the wires arent making good contact.

If you are going to be soldering in your own quick connects, you may want to strongly consider just soldering the LED right on. Its pretty easy to use a soldering iron to break a solder joint and solder a different LED in if you want to change the color.
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Few quick random questions 1 year 5 days ago #72426

  • Jas-Ot
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Belt Clip:

I don't have it in front of me for a pic, but SF does have a clip that consists of a Covertech slot and a hook for a D-ring. In that case, I SUPPOSE you could wear a two sabers (one covertech, one D-ring) on that belt clip.
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