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TOPIC: Fun stories of wearing your hilt out!

Fun stories of wearing your hilt out! 9 months 1 week ago #72414

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So I wanna hear some tales of wearing your saber out and about or pics of you with it. it could be funny, weird, or just inner feels as you do it! Ill start the train a rollin.

I was on my way to work with my GF one frigging cold and snowy day bout 2 or so weeks ago when I got the grand idea to bring my saber with me blade, charger and all! as we walked I was getting some looks that can only be described as "da heck?" kinda made us giggle as we kept going. upon getting to work my coworkers were very interested (most of the people I work with are either big kids or geeks) and so being the big showoff I am I went into the full run down on the specs and wonders of this community. needless to say I had one or two people wondering how they could get one and some pretty impressed. the cherry on the cake though came in when I decided to wear the hilt on my apron strap (I work in retail) and kept it proudly on my hip for the first hour of my shift and no one told me to take it off or that it was violating uniform code! best at work ever!

So thats my tale of wearing my badass out and about! who would like to share next?
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