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TOPIC: Choosing a color - What do the colors MEAN?

Choosing a color - What do the colors MEAN? 1 year 2 months ago #72624

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Hey everyone! I’ve been a fan and collector in the background for a while, but I’m excited to share a few basic things I have found that have helped me better decide which LED colors to order for my sabers. These are notes on what can best fit your personality, and - of course - is just one of many resources at your disposal. Please comment with other resources you have found or with any other references or suggestions you would like to add to this list. Thank you!

Perhaps the biggest choice you will have to make concerning your order of a new saber will be the color (or colors) of the LEDs set in your saber’s hilt (otherwise known as its “blade color”). While the blades themselves are often whitish and translucent, most of the significance of the light color within comes from the buzzing energy of the mythical laser-swords. However, in current Star Wars canon, (post 2012,) fans will not be able to find much official meaning behind the colors of laser-swords. Likewise, In terms of combat sabers, only a few saber academy groups have guidelines concerning when a certain colored blade can be used, and by whom. Perhaps it would be prudent to do some investigation before making your final choice and placing your order. If you would like to do a little homework into the legends, lore and anecdotes surrounding different saber blade colores, we’ve compiled the following for you:

This is the most classic saber blade color, and is often the best selling one among combat saber suppliers. It was the first laser-sword color seen in the Star Wars movies, (unless you consider that first appearance to be a little more arctic or teal in color) and was the most preferred choice among the mythical heroes of the galaxy. It is wielded by the most popular main characters of the franchise. Along with Green, (and to a lesser extent, yellow,) it is well established as a symbol of the light, natural peace, valor and virtue. Blue can represent a guardian of the light side. This is one who is heroic, a protector of the innocent, and a front-line soldier. They are defined by their exceptional skill with the saber, preferring to use it to keep the peace. This color represents athleticism and superiority through physicality. It is the quintessential mark of a saber instructor. If you prefer to meet challenges head on in the battlefields of life, this may be a good color for you!

Synonymous with greed, violence, revenge and darkness, this is the iconic color of the dark side. It’s laser-sword equivalent was first seen in the hands of possibly the most recognizable villain in modern cinema. It is found almost exclusively in the hands of the most dreaded villains of the universe in Star Wars media. It’s unusual hue comes from the forbidden manipulation of otherwise pure crystals in order to reap a more powerful result. It can represent a dark warrior, assassin, saboteur, sorcerer or evil crusader. They are known for their ruthlessness, mercilessness and aggression. This is your easy choice if you see yourself as unconventional, fierce, mysterious, and a juggernaut of unlimited potential. With the activation of your saber, you can catch an opponent off guard and declare yourself a force to be reckoned with to any who can see this color in your blade.

Audiences of the third Star Wars film to reach theatres were shocked to see this new blade color in the hands of their favorite hero! Contrasting well against the blue desert sky, this colored laser-sword would make further appearances in the prequel films in the hands of many secondary characters. These characters were often considered very wise, experienced and deeply knowledgeable of even the most subtle of the universe’s mysteries. Green can represent a consular of the light side. Such a knight is not prone to violence, but rather seeks first the harmonious, diplomatic approach. Deep meditation enlightens them. Their emotional control and deep seated wisdom is the mark of their greatest skill. If you value sharing your knowledge more than overpowering a rival, than you may want to consider the green blade.

At a massive fan conference or duelist tournament, will your fans be able to find you among the many blue and green sabers? At the request of a one-of-a-kind hollywood star, a one of a kind laser-sword color was invented. Therefore, purple is the mark of individuality, creativity and distinction. The characters in movies, books and comics who had this rare laser-sword color also happen to share some connection with the light side as well as the dark side.

It may be tricky to make the choice between guardian blue or consular green. If you find yourself wishing that there was some middle-ground between the swashbuckling soldier and the mystical ambassador, then yellow may be your color! So far, this color has yet to be featured on the silver screen, but legendary characters in games, books and comics proudly wield the yellow blade. They are most often heroes, but on a rare occasion or two, they are villains. In some cases, the yellow color is produced when the corruption is purged from a red saber. It is a color rarely seen and is not even offered by all saber suppliers. Therefore, it can easily stand for exceptionalism, unique determination and ingenuity. Yellow can represent a light side sentinel. These are the mavericks of the galaxy, finding the balance between the skills of others and complementing them with technical prowess and stealth. Rather than march in battle or meet with representatives, this agent will stealthily execute surgical operations or stand as a beacon of order in remote areas for long amounts of time. They offer terrific security, resiliently standing at their posts, guarding the most important of artifacts and locations. If you are someone who has a vast assortment of skills to offer, a strong mind, and operate well on your own, then your matching blade color may be yellow!

White and Silver
Before the cameras started rolling for the first Star Wars production, this was the laser-sword color in the minds of the movie’s creators. Of course, the sabers were given other colors in post production. What is the blade color of choice for those not fully allied with the light or the dark? The answer from past and current Star Wars canon is: white. These are also described as silver or gray laser-swords. Making their first appearance in tv shows and comics, these special blades make purple or yellow sabers look mainstream. This color can come from the manipulation of a dark side-dominated crystal back to a light side-friendly state. Their meaning is vague and is the focus of much wild fan speculation. We can surmise that wielders of these blades are truly free agents, wandering rangers, or the wild-cards of the galaxy. Do you think of yourself as truly undefinable? Perhaps you are a reformed red saber wielder. Do you exist in the neutral balance between the darkness and the light? If so, the white or silver blade may be a good choice for you.

Other Colors
Orange: Not much is traditionally or officially associated with this blade color. It is often ordered from saber providers within light and dark themed hilts in roughly equal numbers.

Shades of green and blue: Since the exact shades of these colors vary (even when the same laser-sword is being portrayed) in movies, tv shows, games, books and comics, the specificity of shade is mostly up to personal preference. Would you rather have a sky-blue or deep blue LED? The differences are purely aesthetic, but feel free to attach any meaning to them yourself.

Pink / Magenta: Apart from a reference to pink robots with hearts of gold, this color doesn’t seem to have any particular significance or symbolism. Of course, there is always the risk of being perceived as just wielding a “light purple” blade. Therefore, some of the significances of that color may carry over.

Black / Dark: An enigmatic “dark saber” has appeared in Star Wars tv shows and in other media. In lore, it is a relic of far ancient times, and is often wielded by fierce warlords, opportunists, and servants of the dark side.
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Choosing a color - What do the colors MEAN? 1 year 2 months ago #72628

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Nice compilation of "behind the scenes" and symbolic meanings of the colors.

They can also be more simply broken into "Force user classes" as follows:

Blue: Jedi Knight/Guardian
Yellow: Jedi Sentinel
Green: Jedi Consular

Red (synthetic crystal): any Sith

Purple and Orange: Used by both Jedi and Sith. Purple was common with Sith Sorcerers or redeemed Sith-turned-Jedi, and Orange used mostly by more aggressive Jedi.

Anyone who's played KOTOR or SWTOR should be a bit familiar with categorizing them that way. It's a good reference for cosplay, especially when portraying an Old Republic Jedi or an original character.
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