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TOPIC: SF Debris look at George Lucas

SF Debris look at George Lucas 3 months 2 weeks ago #84077

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Just got done watching the last part of this guy's incredible thorough and comprehensive look at George Lucas' dealings with Star Wars and even though I already wanted to share it several months go, I decided to wait until he released the last part of it (the Hero's Journey is everything leading up to Star Wars, the Shadow's Journey covers the time period after Star Wars up until Return of the Jedi and the Hermit's Journey looks at after Return of the Jedi until now).

Every 'journey' is 6 parts each of about 30 min. (like said I've watched them all through the last several months one by one, haven't really sat down and watched them all in 1 go, that's like watching LOTR :P ) but the painstakingly accurate and all-encompassing research this guy did is amazing.
Like most stuff we as Star Wars fans know from all our years being a fan or just by random osmosis, but there were still regular times when this guy revealed something that I never knew, because - as he says - George Lucas and Lucasfilm have a tendency to revision the history of Star Wars (not just the films themselves, but the coming about of these films as well).

It's a beautiful tribute to George Lucas I feel and has certainly given me newfound respect for the man as a visionary genius who - while still human and flawed - has done so much for movies in general and just the personal things he had to overcome (the fact that Star Wars became his life and he lost a lot of things because of it) really makes me think twice before criticizing the prequels or even the original movies, knowing what he had to go through.
I mean, when 'The People vs. George Lucas' came out (and before that the entire RedLetterMedia reviews of the prequels) I really started thinking George Lucas had great ideas but that was about it; as a director and visionary he had mostly the people around him to thank and well... this series definitely made me rethink that entire premise (I still see him as a great storyteller who has issues getting those realized, but knowing what it takes to actually magic them onto the screen... it's no wonder you hit some bumps and make mistakes and fail and can't satisfy everybody - especially not with such a big hype as Star Wars has constantly surrounding it).

It's definitely an intensive and long web series to sit down and watch, but it's so detailed that I'd recommend it to any Star Wars fan.
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