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TOPIC: Order Update

Order Update 1 week 3 days ago #85959

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Seeing the new Garflex double reveal being introduced and the MPP orders preparing to ship out, I have to just ask for input and confirmation. When the MPP was first announced back in July, I was sure they were going to sell out fast. I had to have it, even in it were in the Initiate tier, which is what I ordered it in since my funds were limited at the time. Weeks and months went by and the MPP was still available to order, finally I had enough to upgrade my order to the champion tier with the Sabercore 3.0. I emailed Saberforge customer service if it was possible to upgrade my order, I was told I had to buy gift cards to cover the upgrade, which I did. I emailed them that I have, gave them the order numbers for the gift cards as well as my order number for my original MPP order and also the details about the upgrade (Deep red 3x dark side etc). and I was told that the upgrade has been completed internally.

So in short, my order was upgraded internally, and I should expect my MPP in the champion tier, Right? I just don't want to receive my original order of it in the Initiate tier only to send it back for upgrading! Has anyone else been through something similar?
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Order Update 1 week 3 days ago #85964

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I would Say yes, ALONG time ago I bought a Guardian from them in Orange( I don't know what I was thinking) I decided to add a quick connect to the saber and a extra green module, they had me do that.. SF customer service has always come through for me when I contacted them, So I would say from my experience, rest assured your good to go.
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