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TOPIC: Saber builder in video games

Saber builder in video games 1 year 1 month ago #73719

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I am in the process of ordering parts for my ASP saber (first saber that's not cheapo toys section actually), and have been thinking about its really fantastic customization minigame. It has been a long time since we had a good (IMHO) Star Wars game, and will be longer still (again, IMHO) with EA running things. How cool would it be to have a Star Wars video game that used the saber builder from SF for lightsaber customization? I can think of no games that feature this, apart from rudimentary blade and color selection from a list such as in JA, FU (PS2 version), and SWTOR. Obviously this is a "what if" scenario, and would not happen unless SF got into the business of making games and Disney released their grip on copyright for fan made material... both are extremely unlikely.
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Saber builder in SWTOR 1 year 1 month ago #73720

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Even better, do it in real life. The Saberol way (TM)

You will need:

- ESD Soldering Iron
- heat shrink
- Flux
- workspace
- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Step 1 - Max out all your credit cards by buying EVERYTHING in stock at TCSS.
Step 2 - take out 2nd mortgage
Step 3 - Spend 2/3 of your payout on the hilts or hilt parts you like (SF ASP, MHS, etc...) and the rest on chassis parts
Step 4 - build lightsabers

WARNING - homelessness and severe unemployment may result from habitual use of Saberol (Lighsaber-asset-a-debt-us)

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