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TOPIC: Redeemer - 12W Champion - Standard Finish

Redeemer - 12W Champion - Standard Finish 10 months 1 week ago #65178

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Just got this thing out of the box. There were some outside issues, but nothing really that was wrong with the saber that I've noticed.

This thing is a bit longer than my Prodigal Son, and it feels like it has a little bit more weight or heft to it. I'll have to see how it handled later, but it's definitely beautiful. With as simple of an aesthetic as the black and silver is, it's still great. I can see what people were saying about the Redeemer being more suited for classical use as opposed to spinning and such. Without the blade, the heft of it almost pulls my hand right to the activation box to get the feel right in my hand. I'll have to see how it feels under some use later on.

The flat black of the saber doesn't look "Plastic" at all, especially in comparison to the black plastic covertec knob on it. The thin spins from the lathe on all of the silver looks amazing, especially in contrast to the flat, untextured depressions in the pommel. I almost didn't even notice that the very bottom of the pommel unscrewed to expose the speaker. I assumed that it had to be between the black portion and the pommel since that's the most noticeably deep depression on the whole saber. It has such a clean fit that I just thought it was another one of the grains from the lathe.

The brass on the neck is amazing. It looks beyond stunning and, based on what little bit of experience I have with brass, will start to take on that "weathered/used" look really easily. I'd actually be surprised if that doesn't just add a hint more character than it already has to make it pop. I didn't even think that the tiny bit of copper on the neck would make as much of a difference as it does, but the very fine notch in the middle of the copper part is one of the first things you notice with the copper and it makes it feel like the neck comes together perfectly.

The emitter has the same type of textural offset as the pommel. The ring with the holes has the flat look to it while the rest of the emitter has that amazing fine lineation from the lathe. The only downside is you can see where the retention screw for the blade tightens in at the base of one of the holes. Honestly though, you wouldn't notice it. I've been looking at this thing for almost an hour now and I didn't notice it until just now. Without a blade plug you wouldn't notice it, and I'm sure that with one it would basically be invisible.

I have yet to see how the blade looks, but I'll definitely post some pictures later on when it gets darker (there's not a cloud in the sky today so getting a really nice shot of the blade color will be trickier until later).

Once again, I'm COMPLETELY floored by how this thing looks and feels. If I hadn't already got the Prodigal Son after ordering this one, I'd be putting an order in today. After getting both in my hands, I have to admit that I'm already going to start saving up to order another one soon. These things are functional, but I honestly can't get over just how amazing they look on their own.
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Redeemer - 12W Champion - Standard Finish 9 months 4 weeks ago #65812

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Pictures, bro! Otherwise it didn't happen!

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Redeemer - 12W Champion - Standard Finish 9 months 3 weeks ago #66074

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Well, here are a couple pictures that I've got on my phone of the belt that I have to go with it and a couple of it on a stand that I sent to someone a bit ago. Still trying to get around to getting better pics. Had my camera memory card erase itself when I tried to upload the other ones to my computer.

I was a bit surprised how much the perspective change can make the sabers appear larger or smaller.

I tried to do the belt after the Mythos statue of Obi-Wan.

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