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    • yellow FoC with tri-cree/... (3 Posts)
    • Also depends on your soundboard and how it does FOC. That said if you have a board capable of mixing...
    • Custom LED from LEDSupply... (5 Posts)
    • That sounds about right. You could experiment a bit though. You'll be able to overdrive them a bit.
    • Custom LED from LEDSupply... (5 Posts)
    • So if I math correctly using a 1 ohm resistor on the Die's, my drive settings would be around 850...
    • Custom LED from LEDSupply... (5 Posts)
    • The reds will run anywhere from 1.6 to 2.8 volts, the pcA will run up to 3.5. all three have max...
    • Custom Phoenix (6 Posts)
    • Hmmm.... you're making me rethink selling my empty! Two of the things you changed - pommel and that...

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