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TOPIC: Saber-Kamas or Saber-Scythe Thoughts?

Saber-Kamas or Saber-Scythe Thoughts? 1 year 3 weeks ago #57180

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A post mostly to get my post count up to 667 from the devil's address, but a valid idea nonetheless. :evil: :P

Since those fancy pseudo-ripper blades were revealed to be in production, it's gotten my creative (and practical) juices flowing. The result of my week-long subconscious brainstorming session has led me to something so crazy, it could just work.

Saber-scythes. And I'm not just talking a war scythe (we have a saber variant, it's called a saber pike), I'm talking full fledged, in your face, RWBY-Soul-Eater-Grim-Reaper SCYTHES. How awesome would that be to show up to a friendly saber sparring session and you bust out a full-size lightsaber scythe ready to reap the hopes of your buddies?

Thoughts! (I also include saber-kamas in this discussion, as well, as they'd be made using a normal saber hilt and those new fantasy blades).

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Saber-Kamas or Saber-Scythe Thoughts? 1 year 3 weeks ago #57181

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You thinking like this? (I am not a huge Gundam fan, but I always liked the Deathscythe)

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Saber-Kamas or Saber-Scythe Thoughts? 1 year 3 weeks ago #57182

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I could appreciate them design wise, but I wouldn't ever buy one, I don't think.
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