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TOPIC: Best YouTube Channels to Learn Saber Combat

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Saber Combat 1 year 2 months ago #50167

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I would like to use this thread to post information on some of the various saber combat tutorial channels I've learned from on YouTube. Obviously I haven't been everywhere on YouTube, so feel free to add your own recommendations. I'll be using a scale system to determine various attributes to the channels. The system is as follows:

Informativity: 5/5. Basically, how much information is given out and how useful is that information.
Application Value: 5/5. How well explained certain techniques are and how easy it is to take that information and practice alone.
Entertainment: 5/5. Least important, but how engaging and interesting the videos are found.

Let's begin with a few big(ish) ones.

Terra Prime Lightsaber Academy (TPLA)
Informativity: 5/5
Application Value: 5/5
Entertainment: 4/5
One of the best sabering channels out there, TPLA is great for beginners or veteran saberites alike. Their videos are chock full of information, and their tutorials show you step by step what each move looks like and how to do it. Some videos are more interesting than others, but the majority will keep a viewer hooked.

Force Storm Entertainment (Force Storm Academy)
Informativity: 3/5
Application Value: 5/5
Entertainment: 4/5
Force Storm is more about the entertainment than the teaching, however they do have a small series of Academy videos going over the barebones basics of saber forms. The Academy videos are very approachable and do offer a different taste of sabering, with very easy chains to pull off. However, they are as stated very barebones.

Bendu Lightsaber Combat
Informativity: 5/5
Application Value: 4/5
Entertainment: 3/5
I just recently discovered Bendu, and from what I've seen, their videos pack enough info into each on the be on par with TPLA. Perhaps inspiration or inspired by TPLA? At any rate, I've watched only a couple videos and already I've seen different styles of chains and moves from TPLA. But what sets Bendu apart is their apparent use of two people to demonstrate each form and attack, as oppose to to TPLA's use of single-person dulons. However, from the videos that I watched, they used text to deliver information rather than a voiceover, which was a bit boring.

That's just a few, feel free to add to this thread with a saber channel you like watching.

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Best YouTube Channels to Learn Saber Combat 11 months 3 hours ago #62961

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Saber Project

Informativity: 4/5
Application Value: 5/5
Entertainment: 4/5

There is some awesome saber tricking videos on this channel. They have a playlist series on single, dual wielding, and double bladed sabers. Each video is its own trick and shows the moves in full speed, slow motion, front back and profile views, then again in slow motion but broken down into steps. Text in German and English.
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