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TOPIC: Custom Phoenix

Custom Phoenix 5 months 5 days ago #76408

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Hello everyone,

It's been a really long time since I posted here in the forum and tonight seems like the perfect opportunity. For some backstory, the SF Phoenix was my initiation into the universe of custom sabers a few years ago. Someone on the FB group had an empty SF Phoenix for sale for a more than reasonable price. It was most likely one they picked up as a promo giveaway for spending enough credits on a recent purchase at the Forge which justified their low cost sale of the hilt. Never-the-less, I decided to scoop this empty Phoenix for nostalgic purposes of it being my first along with the intention of wanting to attempt my own custom modifications and this is how my build began.

When I received the hilt in the mail and started thinking of what I wanted to do to it. I had 2 paths in mind from the start on the design directions I possibly wanted to take with it. I didn't consider chemical solutions of stripping the anodization from the shroud and the powder coat from the body. So me being me, I put it in the sand blaster at work and removed it all; in turn leaving a brutally rough finish. Here I let it sit for probably 5 or 6 months as I lost motivation to work on it due to my brain fart. Then one day I said fuck it and decided to continue on with it as there's nothing to lose.

My first step was using a small hand file and I filed down the base of the body ridges into a taper. I felt this would allow the lines of the saber to flow into the pommel as opposed to be a straight/flat base with a large outer diameter due to the ridges making it difficult to mount an aesthetically pleasing pommel. After filing down those edges came the many hours sanding to salvage my shitty rough sand blasted finish. And by many hours, I do not joke or embellish. I spent an easy 20hrs total from start to finish sanding this thing by hand.

I rotated the shroud 1/4 turn to cover the original switch holes and then drilled some of my own to mount the new control box. I didn't use a drill press so they're not aligned perfectly and I'm ok with it as I feel this hilt was a learning curve for me. I bought an ASP Juggernaut switch section and used the box from it for this build. I drilled and tapped a new hole for my led retention and decided to use a small socket screw as I do like greeblies and originally my idea for this saber was to have it appear as a more "in universe" design rather than a design meant for duelling/spinning comfort, similar to the Graflex.

On the opposite side of the switch box, I had to drill and tap a new spot for the covertech as I didn't want it mounted in the same sectional alignment as the bunny ear (as the original alignment is off by 1/4 turn by rotating the shroud). The original covertech mounting hole I tried to fill and paint over. It is still evident but I can do some touch ups and finish it better later.

The little gold greeblie is a tattoo gun machine screw that I cut the thread length down to fit in that location. I really like this part as it emulates a graflex pin. This unfortunately now acts as my blade retention screw. It's not tight and secure enough for the blade however for the blade plug it is perfect. For where the shroud retention screw originally went. I wanted to mount a graflex red button screw which was going to be my blade retention screw, but I fucked up drilling it out and now am looking to figure out a solution to fill that area, so I temporarily mounted that little pin/washer. Whatever goes in that location will be adhered in place. If I were to build a second similar design, I feel I can perfect this.

The paint I used is an acrylic enamel paint for the purpose of automotive bumper application. The two pommels I have for it are the Exhaulted and the Fallen. I really want the fallen pommel to be in a machined silver and am still trying to locate methods of stripping the powder coat from it. I've come across a few materials but it seems like they are more difficult to come by in Canada.

The LED colours are Yellow and Cyan. Since I have sound in a couple other higher end sabers that I own, I didn't quite care about having sound in this so it just runs an ASP plug-n-play stunt (warrior) system. I had a spare latching switch so installed it into the switch box as well for merely aesthetic purposes even though it doesn't activate anything. The blade plug is from a SF cross guard which I drilled a hole through the center and installed a air line compression fitting insert to create that spout effect. I also wrapped all the copper wire through those holes and cut a plug from extra blades I have to the length I required.

I did all my drilling and mock up the other day to ensure fitment and location. I worked yesterday evening until midnight and was up past 6am doing the final paint, sanding and install as I was way too excited and eager to complete it. After getting some rest and cleaning off my work (kitchen) table, I took some photos of it. I haven't come up with a name for it yet but my design inspirations came from the Graflex and Kenobi's TPM and ROTS hilts.

Let me know your thoughts :)

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Custom Phoenix 5 months 4 days ago #76409

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Man that's a beaut! Great job dude!
It's good to hear from you again NeBosa!
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Custom Phoenix 5 months 4 days ago #76410

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Fantastic job!
Imagine what you will know tomorrow....
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Custom Phoenix 5 months 4 days ago #76411

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Hi NeBosa,

First off, as DK44 said it's good to hear from you again. And again your work is outstanding, recognisable but different at the same time. I really do love your "I did a thing" blade plugs, one day I'll scrape some money together and have to discuss maybe buying one off you.

I know you said this saber represented a "learning curve" for you but one little word of advice, just beware of tiredness setting in whilst working. I know excitement to finish a project is strong but tiredness can lead to mistakes and I'd hate to see you ruin future builds by rushing them!

And a possible name? "Regeneration" or "Ascension"
Based on the fact you have returned to the forum. The blade plug looks like the end of a copper wire wound electric motor spindle element, and finally as the Phoenix rises/regenerates from the ashes, similarly this saber has ascended from being the Phoenix to one that is truly yours!

Fantastic job, thanks for sharing,

For Tyeth
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Custom Phoenix 5 months 4 days ago #76415

  • Execute66
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Nice hearing from you!

Fantastic Phoenix! 10/10
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Custom Phoenix 5 months 3 days ago #76419

  • KelbornX
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Hmmm.... you're making me rethink selling my empty! Two of the things you changed - pommel and that big shroud retention screw - were the things I really dislike about the hilt. I think the Fallen pommel looks great as-is, though I've heard good things about oven cleaner (Easy-Off, etc) stripping anodizing.
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Custom Phoenix 5 months 3 days ago #76428

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Awesome! Love that blade plug. Welcome back NeBosa! :)
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