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TOPIC: Dark Red Sentinel Champion Viridan

Dark Red Sentinel Champion Viridan 1 year 5 months ago #68846

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Hurray got my lightsaber yesterday and is super pleased with it, and as you people said it is way more dark red in real life than on pictures and I can say I love the color.
So it takes around 10-15 days in my experience to get the lightsaber home to someone in Europe, handy to know.

Managed to get the viridan soundboard so I´m pleased with the sound. But I doubt one can do lightsaber duel as they say with it without breaking it, risky to do that with something that cost over 300 dollars in my mind xD

Okay some things that could been better:
I didnt get the lightsaber stand for some reason, although I ordered for over 300 dollars from what I can see, maybe they skipped it and sent a saber plug instead as the stock of stands were out and as I dont want to wait they skipped it?

The kill switch was either damaged or very fragile as the top cap on it came loose after I tried to pull the switch out, but super glue fixed that.

The hand grip fabric at the bottom is a bit loose and not 100% glued into place so if I try to pull the small part I could probably rip it off even more, but glue can fix it, or if I just avoid pulling/touching it, it will stay in place I´m sure.



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