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TOPIC: 12w Champion in yellow

12w Champion in yellow 2 years 4 months ago #9498

  • MattRich
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My champion silver knight came in today and I'm more than happy with it. The color was listed as yellow, but I think it is actually amber (and looks awesome). It does seem a lot dimmer than my green or purple acolyte, but may just need charging (I'll check again after work).
I was worried because on the website you can only see the top and the side of it, so I didn't know what the back was going to look like. Well the back is just as nice as the rest of it.
The size is about 12.5" but still feels nice to hold with one or two hands. The weight is very nice, not to heavy or light and very well balanced.
I switched the 37" blade down to a 32" blade because it did seem a little large with the added 5". The D-ring on the end is nice because you can clip it to just about anything without having to get the covertech clip and it hangs nicely that way.
I didn't have time to put pictures up yet, but I will do that when I get back home tonight.

After charging it did get a bit brighter, but it's still not as bright as my other sabers.
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12w Champion in yellow 2 years 4 months ago #9513

  • Tyler
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The Silver Knight is one of my favorite hilts from Saberforge and hopefully they return so I can get one, I was worried about the underside but it looks good and suits the saber and ideology of the Imperial Knights nicely, good review, I hope you enjoy it!
-Prodigal Son (Champ 12w Green)
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-Sorcerer Staff (12w Deep Blue During Standard-Release)
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12w Champion in yellow 2 years 4 months ago #9514

  • Brax
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The more I hear about this saber, the more I like it.
Imagine what you will know tomorrow....
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12w Champion in yellow 2 years 4 months ago #9517

  • BZArcher
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There's still 50 or so on Etsy, so if you can get things together in the next few months I bet they'll be there.
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