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TOPIC: Couple of Questions Answered

Couple of Questions Answered 1 year 1 month ago #69182

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I was asked to check into a couple of things, and I have some information on those topics. It might not be what you hoped, but it is information, none the less.

First ASP Expansion Pack

The focus at the moment is to replenish the stock of current ASP parts. The expansion pack is still coming, but there is no clearly defined date for when the release will happen. However, the Crystal Chamber individual part is moving closer to reality. No specific date to provide, but the hope is by the end of the month.

Custom Katana Availability

The ones that are still in stock are currently in the showroom, and the plan is to list them on Etsy very soon, along with a few other customs that we have not seen yet.

I know the info on the ASP expansion might not be satisfying, but keep in mind that the efforts to internalize production very likely had an effect on the timing. That part is pure conjecture on my part, but I for one applaud the move to internal machining/production. If that move caused some schedules to be pushed back a bit, I consider it a long term investment that we will all benefit from going forward.
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Couple of Questions Answered 1 year 1 month ago #69183

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Thanks Brax!

I have to agree with you, I would take some delays in releasing new products to get SF manufacturing in house and hopefully better quality control as well.
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Couple of Questions Answered 1 year 3 weeks ago #69496

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Thanks, right now I feel that internal stock should indeed be priority and with inhouse machining that should be a lot easier.
Still waiting for Thin Neck Adapter 02 and I feel it's already been out of stock for nearly 2 months (I could be wrong, haven't done the exact math, like said, it just 'feels' that way)
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