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TOPIC: The Rebel Will Return!

The Rebel Will Return! 1 month 2 weeks ago #82778

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Here is a FB comment exchange talking about the release of the Adept, that veered into the absence of the Rebel. Also mentioned is a re-imagined Monarch, that will be dubbed "Unleashed"
Dane Cagle Kanan re release next?

Phillip Isherwood
No were re doing the monarch next, shortened it by 1.5in packed a ton more detail into the crystal chamber, made it more accurate. New one will be called Unleashed.

Dane Cagle
Ah damn if you guys re released the rebel it would sell like hotcakes but congrats on the new saber i cant wait to see it

Phillip Isherwood
Its coming, we were waiting to get cerakoting up and running so we could do accurate coloring, now that we have that its in the que

Dane Cagle
Awesome cant wait!!!

Elijah Caulin
Phillip Isherwood it’s official a Kanan will be released again?!!

Phillip Isherwood
the rebel will be unvaulted
Imagine what you will know tomorrow....
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The Rebel Will Return! 1 month 2 weeks ago #82783

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The Rebel Will Return! 1 month 2 weeks ago #82784

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The Rebel Will Return! 3 days 17 hours ago #84566

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Has there been anymore info about any sort of time line for the rebel to be rereleased. Looking forward to a purchase and DIY build. :woohoo:
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