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TOPIC: my newborn xD

my newborn xD 2 years 1 month ago #24679

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He came into my world a few days ago at about 3:45 PM
He weighs just over 2KG and looking quite healthy
The first time I looked at his beautiful skin I just stared and held him tightly in both hands...

Ok, now the serious side :P

first time buyer:

I have to admit that 17 weeks is a long time to wait for something that cost you over $700 -_- but never mind, its here and that's all that matters.

my wait wasn't that long as my last few months have passed quickly.... lost my job, 2 funerals, family members moving state and lots of interviews.... so 17 weeks felt more like 8 weeks (two months) :blink:

I am not a fan of starwars nor am I a collector but this is something that is a must have!
after a bit of googling on saberforge I was a bit sceptical on buying one of their sabers, but that was before I had laid my eyes on the Venomous Fury!

having seen my prize I ordered as fast as I could not even knowing what I was doing with all these weird names "veridium, covertec and all types of various colours" :lol:

a few weeks in and I wanted to know about my order in particular and so I contacted saberforge, I contacted saberforge a total of 4 times and all of them were answered within 24 hours except one... and that one in particular was replied with a " your item is now on its way " :woohoo:

-whoever works in the customer support ( I think its Knytiri ) ..... well done! good job and keep up the AWESOME work-

Ok so now onto the saber itself...

my first saber :

venomous fury
champion with veridium sound font
standard finish with quick connects
red and 32" blade

other parts of the package:

saberforge card
allen key
American charger :dry:
and the kill key -part of the saber-


the saber has perfect weight... balance with a 32" blade is just past the shroud and is a easy fit into my two large hands. the artwork on the saber ( the design ) suits me so well it may as well be my twin, all those perfect curves and slim edges while being also so strong and manly. :huh:

the venomous fury is just perfect for handling, as you hold it you feel as though you want to swing it in some way or another it is just that well balanced!
*a lot bigger than what I expected but works out better anyways

the standard finish makes it look just so damn sexy I have no idea why someone would want to weather it. The saber looks great with either blade or blade plug... good looks all the way around

the saber arrived fully charged and so I didn't have to wait to take it to battle with my cat... :evil: jk.

* I think that that the 32" blade is the right size for this particular saber and I am 6.2 ft


ok so now the bad side... :unsure:

unfortunately I think someone at saberforge.... dropped it.... the top of the shroud has been dented with signs that could only be of a drop on the tip, they are both damaged (two tips on the shroud) and also both show that the metal has been pushed to the side ... if you do metal fabrication you will know what I mean... and there is also light scratches all over the pommel and covertec nob ( I don't really care about those ones as you have to look at it in sunlight to actually see them ).

as far as the blade... the blade does not fit in the saber perfectly, once the blade is in and the screw tightened the blade can still move side to side.... not a problem when its on show but when duelling it causes the blade to have a circular scratch where the end of the saber touches the blade... and also my blade came with a slight dent in it ( once again you can only see it when in use as the blade lights up.

as far as shipping... I have no problem with the lead time as I expected a long wait but I wish that saberforge tells people that are buying from other countries that the charger is an american charger... so to charge it you will need a converter. :angry:
* shipping package came with little/no damage


I think that the Venomous Fury is a perfect "first time buyer" saber as it has all the features for a "well balanced saber" and at the same time looks sexy. I don't know about using the colour "RED" as I'm not quite sold on it just yet but that is because this is the only saber that I own.

am I happy with my order?
short answer: YES! long answer: NO!

I must admit that I am happy with my saber BUT.... for the price tag of over $700 and 17 week lead time in exchange for the quality of the saber.... sadly not, there was just too many mistakes for me to say that I am happy with that price tag and the finished product...

will I buy from saberforge again?
I don't know, that's too far in the future for me to predict...

this review was not meant to be a "rage review" but more of a review that I felt was FAIR and REASONABLE, so please refrain yourselves from "negative feedback"


ill put picks up when I get some... I'm a bit tight for time as of right now... :(
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my newborn xD 2 years 1 month ago #24705

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But it seems like one not being a star wars fan you shouldn't have gone full out when buying a saber and should have known you were ordering from an American company and International shipping is rough on stuff
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my newborn xD 2 years 1 month ago #24801

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yes true but one should know that I tried going for a worrier tier and ended up upgrading to a champion due to price/shipping...

already was going to cost $550
+$150~ for sound and in-hilt charging

shipping was $50 each way so an upgrade in the future could end up being very expensive

like I said " I am not a fan of starwars nor am I a collector " but all my friends are crazy over starwars and so while I have the chance I will be the only one of them to own a custom saber instead of some plastic and paint :lol: :silly:

call me a show-off but I know that they are desperately wanting a ALUMINIUM custom saber because of what I now own... :whistle:

as far as the american side of it "the charger" I never knew that america even had a different power port than Australia :blink: and so it was more of a thing that I thought needed mentioning in the FAQ ( just for the people in other countries)

* I just happen to have a converter in my house (don't know why) and so I was lucky + the saber came fully charged :woohoo:

and the package came not too bad... a little crease here and there but no damage to cause the shroud to have a dent in it...

please don't take my "review" with utter disbelief....
was I being unreasonable and picky about my order? possibly but I was only saying what I think was needed to be said about the hilt itself as a first time buyer.

infact... I'm expecting TRIPLETS in a few months!
*if you know what I mean ;) :P

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my newborn xD 2 years 1 month ago #25071

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Hi MasterWolf!
Congrats on your venomous fury! I hope you give it a loving home and family.
About the blade moving, there will be a small, about 3mm diameter circular dent from where the screw touches the blade. How tight have you been screwing it in? I am a strong believer in using the longer side of the allen key (for more torque) and screwing the key until tight, and then 180º more. There shouldn't really be movement if the blade is secure (at least from my experience).

Now I don't want to be that guy, but pics or it didn't happen :P
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