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TOPIC: Initiate Ka'Tano

Initiate Ka'Tano 1 year 2 months ago #23737

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I own a couple of Force FX sabers but wanted something of higher quality. After trying to find an alternative saber, I came across Saberforege. I was very up in the air about whether or not to purchase a Saberforge saber because of some of the negative things I had heard online. However, I decided to pull the trigger on several Saberforge sabers because I really enjoyed the craftsmanship that I saw online.

I’d like to start with answers to some of the negative criticism about Saberforge with my personal experience to help those who may be first time buyers and are hesitant like I was.

First Rumor: SaberForge’s customer service is horrible and rude

I reached out to Saberforge through the Etsy website regarding a question I had about this saber. My question was fully answered in less than 12 hours. The response time was more than reasonable and customer service was very helpful.

Second Rumor: Shipping takes forever compared to the competitors

The Ka’Tano Saber was purchased through Etsy. I ordered on 9/17 and the quoted time was 5-6 weeks. I received the saber on 11/16. So it took longer to receive than the quoted time, however I understand that they are busy with the holidays, new Star Wars movie increasing demand, etc. The quality was amazing so I am ok waiting a few extra weeks to get a superior product.

Third Rumor: Saber Quality is poor and has extremely sharp edges that you can cut yourself on.

Absolutely not true on the quality. This saber is amazingly beautiful. I was actually worried that my expectations were too high but this still blew those out of the water. I also ran my hand all over the saber and didn’t receive a single cut. I cannot find a sharp edge on this item.

Now onto the Saber itself

As stated above absolutely amazing!! I couldn’t be happier. I did pull all of the pieces off of the saber and painted portions of it to make it more Cannon but this is nothing against the quality of the product as I already knew up front that I was going to do this. The one thing I couldn’t find while considering the purchase was dimensions. So here they are if anyone else is interested.

Length: 11”
Width at pommel: 2 ¼”
Width at fins: 3”
Overall Circumference of body: 5”

N/A as this was an Initiate Tier Saber

N/A as this was an Initiate Tier Saber

The Bad


I also received my Prodigal Son Champion with 12W LED at the same time as this saber. I’m really pissed I didn’t just suck it up and get the lighting and sound for this saber at the same time ☺. I will certainly be upgrading it eventually!

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