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TOPIC: Prodigal Son 12W Green Champion (Viridium Font)

Prodigal Son 12W Green Champion (Viridium Font) 2 years 10 months ago #8732

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The Prodigal Son is based off one of my favorite lightsabers of the entire franchise being Luke's from ROTJ. I've had a real fondness for it and needed it to be my first from SaberForge. It took in between 13-14 weeks to arrive because I ordered off of the main website. It's fantastic machining and feels very sturdy in the hand. It's very bright and I believe it to be as bright as the other sabers even though it's a thin neck. The control box can be a bit uncomfortable but I got this as mainly a display piece and not for dueling. The sound is great and very loud and is a fantastic board. Even though it's for display I still have a few problems with it. There were a few scratches right out of the box, though they aren't noticeable unless you look at the hilt close-up. One of the copper rails on the control box popped off after only half a day to one day of use. The emitter isn't too secure and unscrews from it's threading somewhat easily. Also, since this is a 2015 edition, even though I love that the kill key is hidden, the sliding touch plate moves much easier than I would like and is a bit thin. It can sometimes be annoying when doing spins. Overall I would grade it a 9/10 even with my few criticisms. It's a fantastic looking saber and I can't be much happier with it.
-Prodigal Son (Champ 12w Green)
-Consular Staff (12w Yellow {Ordering Soon})
-Sorcerer Staff (12w Deep Blue During Standard-Release)
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Prodigal Son 12W Green Champion (Viridium Font) 2 years 9 months ago #9698

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Is there anyway you could elaborate on the dimensions. Specifically the diameter I'm trying to compare with the other hilts. Thanks!
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