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TOPIC: What is your favorite saber hilt type

What is your favorite saber hilt type 1 year 1 month ago #54086

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I want collect a survey to decide what saber hilt type would you use & why. I have previous knowledge on each type & will share the pros & cons.

Normal: Pros: Easy to deflect incoming projectiles. Good at everything but not the best. Doesn't require as much skill to use
Cons: hard to use against more then one person.

Staff: Pros: when mastered, is very deadly against any opponent. Is potentially the best weapon against 2 or more people.
Cons: Is hard to use without training & will most likely end up bringing harm to a armature user. Runs the risk of being severed in two.

Two swords: Pros: Has the best potential offense. In experienced hand, can easily overwhelm a opponent.
Cons: With one hand per blade, a saber lock can be fatal if not reacted to properly.

Curved: Pros: Can make enhanced swings & jabs.
Cons: If in a saber lock, the curve can give your opponent leverage, with the hilt already forced your directions.

Cross Guard: Pros: protects hands & can be used to your advantage during a close in saber lock.
Cons: can make some swings feel uncomfortable.

I hope to hear your oppinions.
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What is your favorite saber hilt type 1 year 1 month ago #54162

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I'll do you one better here, friend.

Straight-large (12"+)
Dual handed grip
Pros: Best control/power balance, easy to learn, powerful
Cons: restricts both hands to one weapon, no shield, limited reach (arms, not blade length)

Straight-hand and half or short (11" down)
Single handed, dual handed grip
Pros: Offers variety, shoto wielding, shield, more unpredictability, pros of straight-large
Cons: less control, blade length can be limiting

Single handed dual wielding
Pros: Offer simultaneous offense/defense, splits opponent's focus, requires less dexterity than oter dual wielding, can turn every saber lock into a victory
Cons: requires control of hand-and-half single hand sabers, overextension is risky

Single handed dual wielding
Pros: requires less strength because lighter sabers, nimble and unhindering, Pros of saber/shoto
Cons: very low range, less power in strikes from less momentum

Dual Hand-and-half or large sabers ('Dual Wielding')
Single handed dual wielding
Pros: Maximum range potential, heavier sabers=more momentum, simultaneous offensive/defensive capability
Cons: Requires high dexterity for both hands, less powerful, less control

Saberstaff (Double-bladed)
Dual handed grip
Pros: Splits opponent's focus, unorthodox, dangerous at close ranges, can be as powerful as straight-large
Cons: handle is glaring weak point, Difficult to guard, unsuited for longer ranges, handles differently from traditional staff

Saber-Jo (Double-bladed)
Single handed grip
Pros: Catches foes by surprise, allows offhand to use another saber, saber-jo or shoto, pros of saberstaff, lacks con of handle weakness
Cons: Requires immense arm strength, handles differently from traditional Jo staff

Saber Pike (single blade on Bo/Jo staff)
Dual handed grip
Pros: excellent range, handles similar to traditional halberd/pike/staff
Cons: blade can discourage certain moves

Curved Hilt-short
Single handed grip
Pros: excels at lunges and unorthodox parries and strikes, can be tricky to oppose
Cons: Less effective against multiple opponents, saber locks are troublesome

Curved hilt-long
Dual handed/single handed grip
Pros: More powerful, less trouble with saber locks, Pros of Curved hilt-short
Cons: Cons of Straight hilt-large

Crossguard saber-Claymore
Dualhanded/Single handed
Pros: heavier-more momentum, powerful, controllable, crossguard acts as traditional sword guard
Cons: hard to maintain awareness of guard, can get in the way of swings

Crossguard pike
Pros: Pros of Crossguard saber and Saber pike combined
Cons: Cons of saber pike.

That's a bit more in-depth.

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What is your favorite saber hilt type 1 year 1 month ago #54205

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My favorite is the standard(original) lightsaber style. Simply because it's old school and so am I. B)
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