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TOPIC: Force Training: L1, Basic terminology and skills.

Force Training: L1, Basic terminology and skills. 1 year 3 days ago #59597

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Hi I would like to begin teaching "The Force" by fist explaining the essential and the basic terminology for the force.

"Choose your path": Choosing your path is essential to knowing who you wish to become, being a Jedi is significantly different from being a Sith. You must choose wisely because it is very difficult for one to go from Sith to Jedi and vice versa.
Choosing your path includes
  • The Force Will: The Jedi or the Sith way.
  • Commitment: Performing tasks that are essential to strengthening your will.
  • Teacher: Usually one, but can be more (Yoda teaches younglings at the temple Episode II.
  • Patience: The ability to, if you don't understand go over it until you do.
  • Ability: If you have been injured in any way the hurts your bones or muscles DO NOT TRY THIS.
Information on each path

Jedi Order

The Jedi Order is an order of which consists of Force Sensitive members who were adapted into the order a an early age accepting those in who are older have a very much lower chance of getting in based on development, teaching those who are young is not only easier but time saving and increase the chance of them sticking with the order and not falling to the Dark Side.

When accepted, if accepted you will be given a youngling teacher even if you aren't a "youngling" because the instructor's job is to teach you and learn more about the force not necessarily by using a Lightsaber but to understand the terms and the little uses on the force, this was explained in a small clip in Episode II when Yoda was asking the younglings to help Obi Wan Kenobi find the planet he was looking for.

When you learn the basics on the force around before the time you rank up to the Padawan stage you will be taught usually Form V as it is the most commonly used form, However! You can be converted to another form. There are 7 (VII) forms of LightSaber Fighting.

In Order to be a candidate for this Order, you Must meet specifications at the best level.

You cannot:
Love another, have passion for them
Hate anything or anyone, frustration is not something to be proud of.
Anger, this can result in permanent banishment.
Use your feelings to give you strength.

Sith Order

The Sith Order consists of one rule. There can only be two. No more, No less. There is a lord and an apprentice. The lord is the commander the one in charge of the other. Sith may fight each other because there are more than two which is generally not accepted when it was put into a law they must follow by Darth Bane after the Dragahbar wars. You must obey, to not obey is to death.

You must follow these rules to survive:
You must hate everyone and everything.
You must kill the one you love.
You must destroy your loved ones
You must fight with rage anger hate. It fuels you.

Usually, the lord does the killing, he did so with anakin when he poisoned his mind.
Over all I wouldn't choose this way because it is so cruel and (I wouldn't do those things myself)
Fighting Techniques basic Knowledge and History
  1. I, Shii-Cho. This form was used classically in the old days where Lightsabers were not the ones you seen in the movies or TV shows and mostly comics. They were used when the Kunda Stones were one a pipe, looking kinda like a torch. Nearly nothing is actually known from this technique only that it is essentially creating openings and shutting them down. This was only taught when all other forums were not masterable.
  2. II, Makashi. This form is the iconic form used by those who are both Jedi and Sith. This forum was used by Darth Maul in Episode III, In the Qui Gon Jin and Obi Wan Kenobi battle. This form tries to use a combination of Form I into it, it essentially uses strict movements of the Lightsaber to essentially provide a striking push and slide like a violin to doge when attacks were very strong. This form is infact one of the most strict of all of them, it requires the utmost precision that most duelers cannot use efficient and would end up failing if they have lost integrity. It uses a sometimes small but sometimes large amount of steps are always prime. It cannot have 1 step to it but it cannot have steps that can be foiled in an algorithm The steps are usually very miniscule, for example the lowest amount of steps (when viewed) from Maul is ~7 to around 45. The steps are so small you can't really notice them but when learning the strict movements
  3. III, Soresu. This form is the iconic form used by the Jedi. This form is used by Obi Wan Kenobi in the later stages of The Grand Republic (After Naboo). He uses this form in replacement of the more aggressive form IV. This form is closer connected to the form and is used as a primary when the youngling is determined by the teacher to be more connected to the force and is favored by Jedi Guardians rather than Jedi Knights. This form after the Empire is established is used by Kanan in Rebels when fighting against the Grand Inquisitor. The Inquisitor uses this technique against him as the Inquisitor before falling to the dark side was also trained in this form.
  4. IV, Ataru. This form is used equally by both sides however, is favored by the Sith Order. This technique is best suited for single combat, dual combat weakens the method significantly. It is better suited for small amounts of time if prolonged can also weaken the ability to use the form. This form used by Anakin in Episode III, eventually lead to him loosing some of his ability as when on the raft he was slowly commencing a fight stance. This technique is also used quite well by Darth Sidious, Darth Bane and on and off Darth Tyranus.
  5. V, Shien, This form is not well known and had only one well known user, Darth Vader this form is used primarily for reflection. Turning the projectile into a stronger projectile by using a lot of strength in the return attack. This form is very sloppy and used in most to all known and documented battles only by Vader.
  6. VI, Niman. This form is a variant of Form II, This was essentially expanding the form to a whole new level, not used by many it takes the hard steps used in Form II and combines it with sub-steps and is only used if high insight in the person ability to use the Light Saber, through it is hard, all of the Jedi Councilmen have mastered the ability at some point to use either Form II or for VI. Jedi Shadows use this technique especially.
  7. VII, Juyo. This form is the use of aggressiveness and being unpredictable. This form forces you to not takes sides in any decision based on order. People whom use this form usually use either the Orange for Sith or the Purple for Jedi. Other shades such as pink have been used.

There is an ability to use multiple forms of fighting style to However, not all forms are compatible with each other some require an exceptional ability to be able to understand a strict form such as II or VI. Jedi forms can be used by Sith just it is not as common.

~See you all on the next one, peace
Jedi Guardian
Research and Development
Removed some things so I don't sound like I brag.
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