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TOPIC: Force Training: L2, Learning Shii-Cho, Foundations

Force Training: L2, Learning Shii-Cho, Foundations 1 year 21 hours ago #59826

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Each one of the forms of light saber has their own way being difficult to teach in common times such as this one it is very difficult for a single person to master all of them, even Yoda himself only mastered Forms IV, III and I. He did however have the Jack of all Trades for every form due to hundreds of years of training and use.

It is okay if you don't understand how to use a form of fighting, even though you love a particular form such as atauru or niman. I haven't perfected all of the forms myself. I'm an atauru expert so I like to use atauru for my fighting ability when dueling.

Unfortunately I don't have a light saber or a go-pro just yet, still getting the money for a light saber custom build. I do however have the resources fortunately to give you a head start, to put you in the right direction so that when I do get around to getting both I can go into advanced detail. In some cases the Jedi Order use the technique of using holocrons to show the basics of the techniques however, in this day and age we only have famous YouTube and google to help us. When I get a LightSaber and go pro I'll go into detail more about the techniques and show the basic steps, for now allow this to be a substitute.

Form Specifics, Knowing how it works. Shii-Cho

It is not easy to adapt to a new fighting style much less learning it for the first time. I know that I had to look at duels to get a perspective and use information obtained through many sources to get an understanding, which is essentially what I would like to do with you all.

Plans: To learn the other techniques you should learn first, Shii-Cho. This technique is the forundation for every other technique. Usually even the sith teach Shii-Cho first before teaching the desired technique used in combat.

Links to follow for this technique: (TPLA - Terra Prime Light Armory (Lightsaber Academy)

The people who are in this academy are actual movie teachers or actors from the movies.
(*Shii-Cho basics)
(*Basic Footwork Stances - in decent detail)
(*Shii-Cho Terminology and Information - better than I could)
(*Shii Specifics)
(*Cho Specifics)
(*Shiim Specifics - brings Shii and Cho together)
(*Dulon is a technique that brings Shii and Cho closer together, this is the difficult part. You must master every part before this to learn the right way)
(*This is a fill for anything you needed to know more of)

Demo (*Shii Cho demo. Demostrates 2 Shii Cho students)

Demo II (*Shii Cho in a later stage, Demostrates potential in a 3 - 4 month period)

FYI: I'm very busy but I had some spare time so I posted just one form but you should still only work on this form for now.
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Force Training: L2, Learning Shii-Cho, Foundations 1 year 14 hours ago #59844

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Your post are pretty interesting to read. I see your siginture says your from northern Kentucky I'm also from that area I'm about 30 minutes away from camble co. Do you offer classes or would you consider it. I've been wanting to duel for awhile but don't have a partner
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