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TOPIC: ASP Saber - "Halogen"

ASP Saber - "Halogen" 8 months 3 weeks ago #66394

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After being inspired to finish this build after posting the Amber/Royal Blue mix in the color mixing thread, I have finally completed it! Well, mostly completed it.

Here it is! It's made of these parts:
Emitter 10 - Brass Knurled Thumbscrew
Switch 8 - Brass Chassis Screw
Body 8 - Brass Covertec
Katana Pommel - Default

It's got a nice weight and grip to it. The emitter has a fantastic chokepoint just above the switches, and it's quite comfortable to hold even with the switch cover. It looks like this:

So I bet you're wondering about the wires... Yeah I don't actually have a switch in there right now. Oops. It's kinda nice actually, I have to kickstart the saber like I'm hotwiring a car! Give it life to see the beautiful blade:

It's quite bright! Like I said in the color mixing thread, it's really like a halogen purple. Whiter than a Mace Windu purple, but it's a special color.

I made a chassis out of 1" bladestock, actually almost exactly like Kouri did with his Sentinel's Rebirth saber. It's held in place by the brass slotted screw in the switch section. Glad to see that others are having creative ideas with internals. I don't have the speaker hooked up yet, so the saber works basically as a really fancy stunt saber :P

I may sand it down, because the light actually shines down into the chassis and it looks pretty neat at night!

Cool, right? I like to call this one "Halogen" and the hilt has grown on me tremendously. Thanks for stopping by!
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