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TOPIC: 12W Disciple Champion - Light Blue

12W Disciple Champion - Light Blue 9 months 5 days ago #66204

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Hello Everyone!

At long last I can post all about my FIRST saber, and I couldn't be happier to do it. After much research and internal debate I decided on the saber that I wanted to be the first to add to my collection. I went with the polished finish Disciple hilt and I could not be happier.

The hilt itself looks great, even better than I anticipated from pictures and videos. From the tip of the forked emitter to the bottom of the shrouded pommel, the Disciple looks as if it were plucked directly from the pages/screen of Star Wars lore. The lines are clean and the black accents look amazing against the polished silver of the hilt. I love the emitter. It looks so sick. One of my favorite parts of the saber has to be the choke point though. It really sets the look of the saber apart. Though I do wish (and this is just my own personal preference) that the choke point was a little higher on the hilt. It would be a little more comfortable for how I like to hold my blade.

I went with the black Stingray grip on my saber, and let me tell you, it looks absolutely amazing! With the look and feel of the wrap on the hilt, it really just brings the whole saber together and I can't imagine any other grip to complete my hilt. I'm in love with the Stingray wrap, highly recommend to everyone!

The construction of the hilt is immaculate. No wobbles, wiggles, or rattles. Speaker sounds amazing. Everything fits as it should. Although, I did end up wrapping a thin layer of scotch tape around the very bottom of the blade and it seems to fit a little more snuggly, with no wobble at all.

Speaking of the blade, the Infinity v4 blade is awesome. Blade lights completely through from base to tip. No dead spots. I love the pointed tip. Makes all the difference in the world.

Now for the LED. This is one of my favorite parts of the entire saber. I spent the most time researching and deciding exactly what color I wanted. My favorite color is blue, so I knew I would be getting a blue LED. But which of the many blues that saberforge offers would be best for me? After much research and internal debate, I ended up choosing Light Blue. Let me tell you, I am completely blown away by how amazing the color of the blue looks. It is everything I wanted it to be and more. If you are looking for a blue that matches that of the original trilogy, specifically Empire Strikes Back, this is the color for you. It is absolutely awesome. Now of course I couldn't live with only one saber color, and will most likely be purchasing more sabers in the future so I needed options. :) I got my saber equipped with quick connects so that I can change the LED color any time I want. I also ordered a second color (green) to come with it. I plan on adding indigo and red in the near future as well. Do you guys have any other favorite colors you suggest getting?

The only negative thing I have to say about the whole process is that it took SOOOO long to get my saber once I ordered it. From the day I ordered my saber, it took basically 16 weeks to the day. It was the longest wait ever, but SO worth it!

Anyway, Saberforge has delivered me an absolutely amazing product which will be displayed prominently in my house for many, many years to come. Thank you to Jordan Moll, Shameem, and the many other saber reviewers that helped my settle on Saberforge and make my decision on the Disciple. I absolutely love my saber and can't wait to order more in the future.

Pics to follow

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