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TOPIC: 6W Amber Guardian Champion Edition

6W Amber Guardian Champion Edition 1 year 8 months ago #60129

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Alright, so...first off the buying experience, it was estimated at a 6-8 week lead time, it ended up being 12 and took 15 weeks total once it hit the production queue, so that kinda sucked but oh well. The saber itself is mostly fine but there are a few pretty significant things I noticed...

First off, the activation switch when it arrived a few hours ago worked fine, it lit up nice and bright and all was well. I fell asleep and forgot to put the kill key in and so when I woke up the light was flickering; thinking maybe the thing was low on battery though doubtful because the main LED shined incredibly bright still, I charged it. It's been 2 hours of charging and the flicking and dimness is still just as bad as it was previously so I'm assuming it had faulty wiring; keep in mind I did not drop this, hit it against anything, or anything else that would have knocked something loose, I literally just did a few orbits and swung it around.

My second big complaint is the shroud, on the product page for the main website it says very clearly the following:

"The Guardian features a precision machined low profile grip, and a nickel plated shroud."

That's great, except for one problem...what I got was sort of this powdered metal shroud that looks more like the thing didn't get a finish at all and so it looks very cheap, granted I got a weathered hilt but it didn't say that weathered hilts get a different shroud and infact in the video on saberforges youtube it shows a weathered version with the nickel plated shroud; picture here:

You can also see that the activation switch isn't even illuminating in this photo, and yes the saber was on in the photo. All in all the experience wasn't very great...I love the saber, but I'm incredibly disappointed that after waiting double the time I was told initially I got a saber with wrong parts and a faulty activation switch, so now I'll have to send it in to get it fixed and who knows how long that will take. Overall satisfaction before the saber was messed up: 8/10, after: 4/10
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6W Amber Guardian Champion Edition 1 year 8 months ago #60131

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I did send Saberforge a request for the correct shroud as well as it's something you can easily just pop on, so if they do send me that and charging the saber fixes the flickering, I would put the saber at an 8/10 easily, it's sound is great and the LED is brighter than expected so no complaints there.
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