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TOPIC: Katana (review by CrudeSword)

Katana (review by CrudeSword) 1 year 11 months ago #17817

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Got it on Friday (although it originally arrived at Thursday and I wasn't there it get it at home, my fault)

Specs (thought that a lot of reviewers did this):

Class: Champion
Hilt Option: Katana
Finish: Standard
Additional Feature: Red LED Activation switch
Blade Color: 12W Deep Blue (as purchased)/ 12W Mint Green
Tsuba: SF Phoenix
Blade Plug: Weathered
Blade Length Option: 37"

The hilt is great. Good design and pretty balanced on gripping. Pretty heavy when added with a blade.

Now time to ignite my saber!

If the people from SaberForge is wondering why I have a mint green blade, instead of the deep blue blade is because I ordered a mint green LED unit earlier before my Katana was made and shipped, so don't worry, it is what it is. To compensate that:

I also want to comment why I bought the Katana is because not only it is based on a "real-life katana", but a sparring weapon also resembles to this. Comparing this to a Shinai (Kendo bamboo "sparring" sword).

The similarities are right there. From grip to blade, nearly everything cylindrical. To lightsaber fanboys/fangirls and Kendo enthusiast, this is a great saber to have for fun. They can do their own duelling or "shiai". Here is a good idea with this saber (just imagine) since someone has done this already and I believe a lot of people has saw this.

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Katana (review by CrudeSword) 1 year 11 months ago #17819

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Congrats on the hilt! I think an old game said it best with the quote: "You're winner!" XD. The Katana surely is a beautiful and magnificent hilt and the mint green looks amazing with it.
"You can do this. Within you is the heart of a champion"
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Katana (review by CrudeSword) 1 year 11 months ago #17856

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Congrats! I ordered a Katana also (should be receiving it sometime next week) same tier but different blade color (light blue) and I went with a standard finish with Black Stingray wrap. I wish I had requested a red activation button like you did though but I wasn't sure if that would be possible.
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