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TOPIC: Redeemer, Std finish, Warrior tier, 6W+, Deep Blue

Redeemer, Std finish, Warrior tier, 6W+, Deep Blue 1 year 1 week ago #60692

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Warrior tier Redeemer in standard finish in 6W+ deep blue LED 32" blade.
I've been wanting a MR light saber for ages. But always thought spending over $100 for a "toy" light saber is too fiscally reckless. Then last year, I stumbled upon US's website. metal light sabers sounds good but US's sabers are too toy like with the shiny colors and non-cannon designs. Then earlier this year I saw a SF light saber review on a HK toy/collectible website and that is when I knew I must have one. The OP of that thread did not give SF's URL but my Google fu is strong, okay i know enough to type "saber forge" and what came before me was more than what I have dreamed. These are what I imagine what real light sabers would look like. So after weeks of research, to the point where my son would say to me every time he walks by my desk " looking at the light sabers again, dad", I decided I would buy a thin-neck. The question is, Which one? Prodigal Son, because it's Luke's EP.6 saber? Exhalted, because its a think-neck that is duel friendly? or what I finally decided is the Redeemer because it's an almost screen accurate thin-neck that looks TacTic-Cool with the balance of silver, brass, copper and black.
Long Story Short:
Ordered 3/28
Pre-shipped / build que notice 6/10
Shipped 6/17
Received 6/20

Other than my kids, I never had to wait so long for an item. It has been an exercise in self control and I'd like to thanks the forum members in making these 12 weeks bearable. Organ to California is a relatively short trip compared to UK and Australia so the packing box is in good shape. the blade and the hilt was wrapped in bubble wrap and was more than protected for this trip.

The 32" blade looks good, no scratches.
The hilt is in the same shape. not scratches, loose or broken parts. no drama so far. The 6W+ LED takes 3 AAA batteries in the battery holder accessed by unscrewing the pommel, gently tugging on the ribbon attached to the battery holder and it slid out easily. There is a velcro strap that wraps around the battery holder that acts to keep the battery in the holder and it increases the diameter of the battery holder to fit the inside dia. of the hilt snugly. no rattling at all when wheeling the hilt around.

Peeking into the hilt I can see the switch and I saw that the inside of the hilt where the switch hole is that have cast extra material so the nut now have a flate contact surface. I guess we can skip using an o-ring on the switch so the nut has more surface area to make contact with the inside of the hilt. However, since the switch on the Redeemer is mounted in the control box this feature was not utilized.

Because the switch is attached to the control box and not the hilt, my plan to remove the control box to duel is out. I can remount the switch to the hilt but that would void my warranty. The card on the control box is glued on to an o-ring that is glued to the latch switch. It came right off when I pull on the card. I plan to really secure it down with double sided foam tape.

I chose 6W+ because I wasn't sure what SF quality would be like and I wasn't ready to plank down the extra $30 and I didn't want the rechargeable battery. I was going KISS, keeping it simple stupid. in day light 6W+ wasn't too shabby. it's not blinding but not dim either.
The ASP Vengeance I ordered next will come with 12W+. We will compare the two when it comes 7-12 days later.

So I plug the blade into the hilt. The blade fit snug no wobbling. The refraction sheet was trim correctly so it did not bind. Tighten the blade retention screw with the hex key that was taped to the bubble wrap and I was ready to wheel this saber around. The 32" blade is perfect. It place the center of gravity around the grenade. The control box, as expected was a pain. The control box on the Redeemer is not sharp but a corner is a corner. Hit it hard enough and it's going to hurt. I guess either I figure out another way to hold this or it'll be a show and tell piece.
Anyways, Thanks for reading.

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Redeemer, Std finish, Warrior tier, 6W+, Deep Blue 1 year 1 week ago #60703

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Congratulations golgo13 with delivery of Redeemer and Thank you for sharing a short write-up with explanations. It's evident now (may have been proven so prior) that the 2016 Redeemer is the version in circulation. The Model preceding this still featured Control Box/Touch Plate Activation but frankly remain indecisive as to which of the two I prefer. 6w+'s sometimes get a bad wrap however IMO the illumination demonstrated still ain't nothing to shy away from and agree with your comment, certainly isn't dim. It'll be exciting to follow your Vengeance when that eventuates but until then, your next purchase may be a bulk one... of AAA batteries. ;)
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Redeemer, Std finish, Warrior tier, 6W+, Deep Blue 1 year 1 week ago #60710

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Great choice going with the Redeemer! Looks fantastic! Congrats & Enjoy!
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Redeemer, Std finish, Warrior tier, 6W+, Deep Blue 1 year 1 week ago #60711

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6W is also set to go if you decide to upgrade to a Plector board one day
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Redeemer, Std finish, Warrior tier, 6W+, Deep Blue 1 year 1 week ago #60765

  • HotRod
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That is beautiful. I came into this hobby thinking that I would like the Prodigal Son the best, but the more I see the Redeemer, the more I think it is the better looking of the two. Very nice!

- RGBA+ Monarch, FW Epoch, Juggernaut, Exhalted
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