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TOPIC: Exile Switch

Exile Switch 3 months 3 weeks ago #83600

  • CrimsonJax88
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Bored at work, so naturally one starts to fantasize about projects for the future and although this right now is no immediate project, I was wondering about it.
I really like the Exile (both the design as well as the fact that it's Quinlan Vos' saber and the history that comes with it)... except for the body.
It's not a dealbreaker - if I have to, I will buy the Exile as is - but I had been wondering if another body couldn't work better (most likely body 10) and just assemble it using ASP.
Problem is that as far as I can see the Exile switch is different when bought as an ASP part than as part of the entire Exile saber - the black inner anodized part is instead polished/silver with the ASP part.

My question was whether anybody had ordered the Exile switch and gotten it with the black anodized parts or if they could just request it easily from SF?
Thinking that if it's easier otherwise, I'd just order the Exile as it is, but ask for a Crimson Stingray Wrap around the body.
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Exile Switch 3 months 3 weeks ago #83611

  • Rhyno
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Hey CJ88
IMO you’ve got a good idea
I ordered the exile switch and it did come with the inner part silver with black groves
It does come apart tho and you could paint it to your liking
The exile switch is one of my favorite big beefy awesomeness
Body 01 might also work
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Exile Switch 3 months 2 weeks ago #84149

  • jedielijah
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Thank you RHYNO for answering my question. I ordered an ASP Exile switch. I would prefer if it looked like the full hilt. :)
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Exile Switch 3 months 2 weeks ago #84161

  • Shai Kah
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I plugged the idea into the builder and I must say I am actually looking forward to seeing that all together, it looks pretty nice! When it comes In be sure to post a review/unboxing!

Also, Rhyno, you said that it comes apart, do you mean like the silver finish part is a sleeve that can come off? if this is true, can you take apart both the emitter and switch sleeve and put the saber together without the sleeves? What would that look like I wonder :huh:
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